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Lake Michigan Credit Union hires Matthew Chojnacki as mortgage loan originator

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (February 20, 2018) — Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is pleased to welcome Matthew Chojnacki to its team as a mortgage loan originator for the Rochester, Michigan area.

Chojnacki graduated from Central Michigan University in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He has held lending positions with Academy Mortgage and Gold Star Financial of Rochester, Michigan. Chojnacki has amassed over 25 years of lending industry experience in all major mortgage segments.

Chojnacki is looking forward to offering borrowers a wide range of financing options. “LMCU is obviously a major mortgage player in Michigan and I’m pleased to offer clients financing options that work for them. New construction financing is an area I’ve always enjoyed and I look forward to helping my LMCU team grow this product line.”

LMCU Vice President of Regional Retail Mortgage Production in Troy, Shawn Sirko, is happy to welcome Chojnacki to the team, “Matt is highly respected throughout the real estate community and has a real passion for connecting with our partners and members. His range of experience and level of knowledge bring tremendous value to our team and organization. I fully expect Matt to help us take LMCU’s mortgage footprint to a whole new level in the Rochester market.

Savings and Deposit Rates in a Rising Rate Environment

For many years there have been few opportunities for yield which is one of the reasons some investors turned to marketplace lending or real estate. For those looking into safe investments there weren’t any appealing options as savings deposit rates and CD rates at banks haven’t been attractive for years. Since Lend Academy attracts fixed income investors it’s no surprise that they have been watching rates closely.

This thread called Cash Parking on the Lend Academy Forum was created back in December 2016 and since then, forum members have discussed opportunities at banks and credit unions. Forum members have discussed where it makes most sense to have their money and how other investment opportunities like marketplace lending compare.

The discussion caught my eye when one user posted a 3% 5 year CD which happened to be offered by my local credit union. Since these accounts offer FDIC insurance earning 3% guaranteed by the government is a good deal some investor’s eyes. In fact this is the best deal in almost 10 years. I have since been following CD rates and savings deposit rates at various banks over at which I find is a simple site to use. Another website mentioned on the forum thread is by LendingTree.

Should my mortgage lenders name be on my Note?

Original lender was Academy Mortgage Corp. who was bought by Countrywide who was then bought by Bank of America. I can not find any document that says that Bank of America holds my Note. Is this normal?

Yes it is normal since the note you have in your possession was BEFORE any of those transactions took place.