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Real Estate Mortgages for Laforuche Parish: Jan. 25, 2014
Houma Mortgage & Loan Inc; Mortgagor: April A Johnson, Marco Sierra; Lot 3 Blk A Meadowland; $20,163; Entry#1170253 on 1/7/2014. • Community Bank; Mortgagor: James B Miller Jr, Shantel I Darden; Sec 43 T17S-R18E; $44,070; Entry#1170258 on 

Ottawa to Ease Credit Union Transition to Federal Regulation
From a mortgage standpoint, however, a move to federal rules would be a mixed bag. For one thing, it would put CUs that elect federal BC's Coast Capital and Ontario's Meridian Credit Union are two that have." Almost 1/3 of Canadians are credit

St. Tammany Parish real estate transfers
Beebalm Circle 421: DR Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Heather A. Primeaux and Brent C. Bourgeois, $229,900. Camden Park Drive 406: Deborah Hanzo . Ozone Place, lot 39-A, square 346-A: HSBC Bank USA NA, as Trustee for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Inc

Shaking Things Up
Meryl, Eagle Capital's resident money-managing math whiz, dissects the prospects for four promising companies that she thinks have fallen unfairly out of favor. And Bill, chief of everything at bond behemoth Pimco, not only shares his insights into the 

You're the Boss Mortgage from Coast Capital Savings (Punjabi)

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It takes two to tango: why borrowers need to take responsibility for ...

On Monday the issues facing mortgaged Aussies as a “ perfect storm “. 

The show suggested that high property prices, a “cult” of property-obsessed Australians eager to buy real estate irrespective of the cost, and potentially imprudent lending standards, had led to a situation where even a small interest rate rise or period of economic hardship would leave many borrowers in mortgage stress.

In fact, many of the home owners quoted on the show were in this very situation – dealing with mortgages they could no longer afford, and in some cases could ill-afford in the first place.

Concerns about high-pressure tactics from banks, the commission-structure putting pressure on brokers to encourage buyers to borrow more and the very culture of debt that we live in are all valid. And if a loan has been fraudulently given, the lender must be put under scrutiny and rectify the situation.

But while estimates an interest rate increase of 1 percentage point could cause thousands more people to struggle makes for a shocking headline, we need to look at borrowers too – the individuals who, ultimately, have the final choice on whether or not they sign off on the debt.

Rental crisis leading to worker shortage, Greater Victoria businesses say

Many businesses in Greater Victoria say they're having trouble attracting and retaining workers because of a lack of affordable housing.

According to Chemistry Consulting, in a new survey involving 250 businesses in the capital region, 78 per cent of respondents reported having trouble recruiting for entry-level positions, 42 per cent said it was difficult to hire middle managers and 24 per cent indicated senior management positions were challenging to fill.

The main reason, according to respondents, was the cost and availability of housing.

"The economy's booming right now but this is not sustainable," said Frank Bourree, partner at Chemistry Consulting. "If we can't bring in enough workers, it will constrain growth in the Greater Victoria area."

READ MORE:  Affordable housing shortage impacting Victoria’s economic growth, study finds

Cooks, bus drivers and software engineers are among the professions most lacking in workers, according to Bourree.

How would you fix this economy?

Here are my ideas. What are yours?

1) Small scale lending must be nationalized. The "free market" has little interest in lending to individuals and small businesses.