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Bill paves way for charter and public school ventures
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. already has a unique relationship with charter schools compared to the rest of the state. The school district sponsors the city's two charter schools, Signature School and Joshua Academy, and But Hitchcock said

No, Obamacare isn't a 'bailout' for insurers
No, Obamacare isn't a 'bailout' for insurers Things like Social Security and the corporate charter aren't thought of as “bailouts,” so what differentiates them? Law professor Cheryl D. Block A version of this happened with the capital markets and Wall Street during the crisis. Bailouts are

It all 'ads' up for long-time Riverside resident
Every corporation in America decided Greenwich was a good place to be, so they came. Then the financial people invaded And Greenwich should have revised its charter to reduce the RTM and done work on how boards are elected. There should be more 

NSA, Israel, GVEs, Hasbara, and Gun Massacres in the USA and Beyond
In 2010, the investigation of a Mossad assassination team that used fraudulently obtained and falsified European and Australian passports and funding provided via US-issued bank cards revealed that the corporation that arranged the funding of the kidon

minhson corporation trong rung o lai chau

Minh Son Joint Stock Company Address: 31 Bat Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Factory Address: Km 16 Lang - Hoa Lac Road, Yen Son, Quoc Oai, Ha Noi ...

BlueMountain Capital Management Raises Stake in Charter ...

BlueMountain Capital Management upgraded its holdings in Charter Communications, (NASDAQ:CHTR) by 1.6% through out the 2nd period, based on the latest document with the SEC (SEC). The hedge fund held 171,907 stocks of the firms shares following acquiring an extra 2,741 shares through out the period. Charter Communications makes up roughly 1.2% of BlueMountain Capital Management LLC’s holdings, making the share its 15th largest holding. BlueMountain Capital Management held about 0.07% of Charter Communications valued $57,907,000 during the latest period.

Separately, Executive Vice President Jonathan Hargis unloaded 10,976 stocks of Charter Communications shares in a trade that took place on Thurs, Aug 10th. The stock was unloaded at a price range of of $399.00, amounting to $4,379,424.00. after the closing of the transaction the EVP has an ownership of 18,025 stocks in the company, worth at $7,191,975. The transaction related to this sale was declared in a transaction filed with the SEC which is accessible through this hyperlink. Executives own 0.56% of the firms stock.

Charter Financial Announces Metro Atlanta Leadership Team

WEST POINT, Ga., Sept. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Charter Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: CHFN ) (the "Company" or "Charter") announced today its wholly-owned subsidiary, CharterBank (the "Bank"), named its new leadership team throughout Metro Atlanta following the acquisition of Resurgens Bancorp ("Resurgens") completed Friday, September 1, 2017, Charter's second completed merger in the area in the last two years. The Resurgens acquisition continues the Company's strategy of leveraging its excess capital through acquisitions in attractive growth markets.

"Following the acquisition of Resurgens, we now have $668.7 million of loans and $711.8 million of deposits in our 11 branches in the Atlanta metropolitan area," said Robert L. Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and the Bank. "Additionally, we are now No. 9 among community banks in Metro Atlanta in deposit market shares. Approximately 55% of our loans and deposits are in the Atlanta MSA. We are well positioned to continue to capitalize on our position as an Atlanta-centric bank."

corporation was formed on Jan 1. The corporate charter authorized 100,000 shares of $10 par value common st?

The entry to record this transaction would include:

a. A debit to Organization Expenses for $3,000.

b. A debit to Organization Expenses for $5,000.

c. A credit to Common Stock for $5,000.

None of the above.