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Looking back on 2013
California Highway Patrol officials said they suspected the Reedley man who caused the accident was driving under the influence. Some of the organizations awarded include the Selma Police Officers Association, Kings Mortgage and Wal-Mart in Selma.

As the economy recovers, many Westerners are left behind
It's visible in Wal-Mart, where, while waiting to get a tire fixed, a man told me how he had plummeted from working on a gas rig and making a big salary — enough to put him in the top 10 percent — with a home chock full of equity in southwestern

Beanie Babies creator wants probation, not prison, for tax evasion,0,5327267.story
Photos: Top 10 Southern California companies. Scandaglia suggested that the financial penalty Wal-Mart recalls fake donkey-meat snacks in China · Freddie Mac: 30-year mortgage rate rises to 4.53% from 4.48% · Macau casinos outpace total U.S. market

Cautious US Consumers a Hard Sell for Traditional Retail
Cautious US Consumers a Hard Sell for Traditional Retail A sign advertising new homes is posted at a housing development in Dublin, California. x. A sign Homes sales also increased pretty steadily from mid-2012, although a summer spike in mortgage rates cooled things off a bit this fall. Sluggish

Democracy Now Headlines- Thus. May 7, 2009

Senate Passes Stripped-Down Mortgage Bill * Study: Subprime Firms Spent $370M on Lobbying * Thousands Evacuated in California Wildfires * Wal-Mart ...

Economics.. anyone know any of this?

15. (TCO 3) Why would an economist argue that a firm can make 'zero economic profit' and still be okay?

The answers are
15. 3
16. 2
17. 4
18. 1
19. 4
20. 1
21. 3
22. 2
23. 3
24. 2
25. - universities in california