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American Financial Buys Liberty's Workers Comp Group for $250M in Cash
American Financial Buys Liberty's Workers Comp Group for $250M in Cash Property and casualty insurer American Financial (AFG) agreed to buy Liberty Mutual's workers compensation business on Thursday for $250 million in cash. Lakeland, Fla.-based Summit Holdings Southeast provides workers compensation services in the 

Pre-Market Pulse: American International Group, Hartford Financial Services ...
On Tuesday, January 07, 2014, the U.S. equity market posted gains. The S&P 500 ended the day at 1,837.88, up 0.61%; the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 16,530.94, up 0.64%; and the NASDAQ Composite Index finished at 4,153.18, up 0.96%.

FNF Forms Black Knight Mortgage Tech Subsidiary
Title insurance company Fidelity National Financial is forming a new mortgage technology and services subsidiary called Black Knight Financial Services from its ServiceLink division and very recent acquisition Lender Processing Services. It has also 

House Financial Services Chairman to Seek Volcker Rule Change
Representative Jeb Hensarling, a Republican of Texas and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is expected to propose a bill that could open up a huge loophole in the rule. The proposed change could allow banks to create and own 

American Financial Services Executive Shares His First Time Experience in Mexico

An American executive from a world renowned financial services firm reflects on his first business trip to Mexico and talks about his impressions ...

Why this SCOTUS candidate could reverse a century of financial regulation

“Kavanaugh’s track record has shown tremendous sympathy to political rhetoric, more so than to established precedent as it relates to the Bureau,” said Aaron Klein, director of the Center on Regulation and Markets at the Brookings Institution. “His ruling was closer to congressional talking points than legal precedent.”

Lauren Saunders, associate director of the National Consumer Law Center, said that the center doesn’t weigh in on potential judicial appointees, but that open hostility to the agency’s mission would be cause for concern. “Obviously, it would be concerning if there was a justice that was inclined to invalidate the CFPB,” she said.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, renamed the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection under acting director Mick Mulvaney, returned nearly $12 billion to 29 million customers of financial services companies from 2011 to 2017 under its original director, Richard Cordray, an Obama appointee and former Ohio attorney general.

BankThink 'Golden age' of banking? Hardly

Some bankers and analysts believe we have entered a new “golden age” of banking.

Who can blame them when banks are performing at their strongest levels in a decade? Industry stock prices have recovered to pre-crisis highs, banks are reporting record profits and favorable Federal Reserve stress test results reflect financial strength and increased shareholder distributions.

Unfortunately, these observers and others may be suffering from risk myopia concerning the industrywide near-death experience that happened just a decade ago. They are also ignoring the cyclical nature of banking, which continues to suffer from too many banks. The financial services industry tends to grow less sensitive to risk as the time from the last crisis increases. Institutional memories fade as more crisis-scarred veterans retire.

There are often warning signs that trouble could be looming— weak loan demand, a flat yield curve and reduced return on equity — but these are often dismissed as temporary aberrations.

American General Financial Services loan question?

if you are applying for a loan at american general financial services, do you have to have good credit? Or will they look at your gross monthly income and consider that amount? thanks!

American General is a full-service lender. You will need established credit, although it need not be perfect or even great. Your income and it's source will play a part in their decision to grant or deny credit.