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Mojo - January 2014
Mojo - January 2014 This week, the FBI and Department of Justice busted a Washington, DC-based political consultant and an ex-detective turned private security contractor in a money-in-politics scandal seemingly ripped from the pages of All the President's Men. According

The "Law of the Land," Mr. Speaker?
I've already been informed by my insurance company as of August 1st I will be a nonrenewable policy. And the majority of families out there, middle class America, are going week to week, paycheck to paycheck, they've got mortgage payments, car payments

Washington County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes – Jan. 21
Members present: Alison Mueller, 1st District Commissioner, Chairman; Roger Otott, Vice Chairman, 2nd District Commissioner; and Gary Ouellette, 3rd District Commissioner. Denae Dimler, County Clerk, was present To sign Resolution 01-14 urging the

Major Milestone Reached For The Avenue
Major Milestone Reached For The Avenue "NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE!" CHESTERFIELD BACKS SMALL BUSINESSES - Chesterfield was today the latest destination on a nationwide bus tour to promote the UK's first ever 'Small Business Saturday' on Saturday December 7th. LOCAL LANDLORDS FACE MORTGAGE

Identity Theft - 1st Mariner Mortgage

1st Mariner Mortgage loan specialist Denise DeCarolis explains the facts of identify theft including tips on how to prevent identity theft and ...

Business People

Judge Nancy Eshcoff Boyer was recently recognized by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush for 24 years of service on the bench.

Lorie Ailor was appointed to the Orthopedic Hospital of Lutheran Health Network and Matt Lehn to RediMed and Business Health Services as chief operating officers, and Angie Logan as chief nursing officer at Dupont Hospital.

Alex Bunyan recently joined Galecki Financial Management as a client service specialist.

New hires for 80/20 Inc.

Rumors about Provident; e-Signature News; Lawsuit Update on PHH, Lawsky ...

As mortgage bankers gear up to see what the Shipping Department dresses up as tomorrow, let's take a quick look at some demographics. There is now a larger cohort of unmarried young adults who are driving the overall homeownership rate down as they are less likely to own a home. The creation of household formations plays an important role in homeownership rates among young adults and is one of the main reasons the average age of first time home buyers is now 31 years old.

There were plenty of smoke signals yesterday regarding Provident Funding Associates, LLC.   as the broker herd was spooked. (There are several "Providents" around the nation, so the rumors may not have involved the well-known California wholesaler that bills itself as, "The Undisputed Price Leader since 1992", known to live off of volume and accepting loans from brokers who adhered to tight margins and guidelines.) The rumor is that a major announcement will be made regarding the cessation of doing business in several states - perhaps as many as 25. Given the current regulatory environment, the range of state-specific foreclosure laws, and the increased costs of doing business in multiple states, it would not be surprising.

Not on 1st or 2nd mortgage, not on title, not on any note, on security deed w/2nd mtg, am I liable or my ex?

My name only appears on the securtiy deed that the 2nd mortgage holder has. Don't even remember signing it or why I would have. My ex is on everything . . . am I still responsible?

It depends on when he bought the home.....were you already married?


Do you live in a community property state? If you do, then yes, community property includes homes.

Skybox Security Named Top Emerging Technology Company by ...

Skybox Security, the leader in proactive security management solutions, . Skybox Security earlier this year announced it achieved record financial. Skybox offers a broad portfolio of tools for firewall change management,....

Tatarstan took 1st place in the PPO on the basis of four months in ...

In terms of housing programs put: the social mortgage program – 162 sq m (34 per cent of the plan), the program of construction of multi-housing investment – 301. This was announced today at a national meeting at the Government House, which was held with the participation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, said Minister of... Following four months of 2012 Tatarstan new housing construction on the first volume of 785 thousand square meters of housing. 3 thousand square meters (31 per cent of the plan), and program of individual housing construction – 348....