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The city of Cincinnati's debt load has increased threefold in the last 20 ...
While most of the new debt has solid financial backing such as city water and sewer fees and revenues from special tax districts, the increasing debt load has some concerned that Cincinnati's balance sheet may be getting too far into the red

Many Florida teens put the brakes on getting drivers licenses,0,1411867.story
For Hudson and a growing number of teenagers, obtaining a drivers license is more of a financial burden than a ticket to freedom. The institute, an industry-research group, found the number of drivers 14-19 declined 12 percent from 2006 to 2012

Land of opportunity: Route 195 panel close to seeking developers' proposals
Land of opportunity: Route 195 panel close to seeking developers' proposals PROVIDENCE, R.I.-- More than two years after the Route 195 Redevelopment District Commission was created, the group is on the brink of seeking developers' proposals for the land that once held a highway and now holds potential. The “meds and

Pittsburgh's August Wilson Center: 'Classic mistake'
More than 100,000 people would pour into Downtown in the first year alone, and the facility would generate about $120,000 a year in tax revenue to support the equivalent of 66 full-time jobs, according to an economic impact analysis the Pittsburgh

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Ownership Key to San Antonio FC's Pitch for Major League Soccer

In the weeks leading up to the club’s inaugural season last year, SS&E came to an agreement with the City and Bexar County in which the local government put $18 million in public funds toward the purchase of Toyota Field with the intention of leasing the site to the soccer franchise. SS&E contributed $3 million.

Since the 8,000-seat stadium’s purchase, San Antonio FC has not only played a full USL season at Toyota Field, but also established a top-level development academy at the adjacent S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex.

However, MLS has shown a preference for stadiums located inside the urban core of its club’s cities. Toyota Field sits on the Northeast side away from many of the things Millennial soccer fans crave most, such as bars, restaurants, and public transportation.

The Houston Dynamo of the MLS play downtown at BBVA Compass Stadium, and the Seattle Sounders, who led the league in attendance last year, share a downtown stadium with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. Several of the cities bidding for expansion, including Indianapolis and Sacramento, have plans for downtown stadiums.

Hampton reaches out to L & L residents

HAMPTON—On Tuesday night, Mayor John Rhoden and the Hampton Town Council reached out to a group of residents in an effort to make the most out of an unfortunate situation.

The residents of L&L Trailer Park, located on the outskirts of Hampton, were informed late last year that they would be forced to relocate their mobile homes. The Town of Hampton obtained the property, which was home to 16 households, for $16,928 from the Forfeited Land Commission during a December delinquent tax sale. The town then turned around and sold the property to a potential industry to be used to generate solar power. The residents there were then given a legally required 30 days to relocate.

After hearing concerns from the uprooted residents last month, the Hampton Council gave the residents a 30-day extension. But a handful of residents attended Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting to ask for more time.

“We are trying to find out where we stand as far as time,” said Natasha Thomas, a spokesperson for the group. “I still haven’t been able to move my mobile home and I need more time. Most of us haven’t been able to move.”

What's to blame for the increase in urban violence during the summertime?

Is it overcrowding? Heat and humidity? Urban stress? Job stress? Financial stress? Spiritual voids? Lack of community resources and/or activities? Boredom (too much time and nothing to do)? Dysfunctional families? Disintegrating moral values?

I think all of the options you listed have a part in the increased urban violence during the summertime. The main ones however would have to be Lack of community resources and/or activities which creates Boredom (too much time and nothing to do).