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Property Transactions for Jan. 26
End Blvd., Bear Creek Township, $105,000. • Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Homeward Residential Inc. to Nicholas E. Belfino and Christine S. Giuliano, 55 Kingswood Drive, Dallas Township, $140,899.

Reverse-Mortgage Rule Changes Draw Professor to the Business
Columbia Business School professor Christopher Mayer is so sure reverse mortgages can be a cornerstone of responsible retirement planning that he's gone into the business. “It's an enormous underserved market,” says Mayer, who is teaching fewer 

A snapshot of 2013 activities in the Sheriff's Office
Minnesota TZD is the state's cornerstone traffic safety program, employing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths on Minnesota roads. The TZD program uses data to target areas for improvement and employ proven

Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage
Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage The previous owner, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors, LLC, paid $50 million for the Amalfi in 2007. The hotel struggled during the recession and missed payments on a $37 million mortgage. It was less of a struggle in 2010 after the loan was restructured.

Cornerstone Mortgage Group Part 1 of 3 2009 Mortgage Market Forecast

Cornerstone Mortgage Group presents a 2009 mortgage market forecast on there prediction of how the next 2009 year will turn out. Hosted by Michael ...

Mike Baird's amalgamations will make voters think twice about Malcolm Turnbull

Inara Molinari  Granville

Yes, Caroline Kades (Letters, May 14-15), Mike Baird has form when it comes to disregarding democracy. In February 2015, this government specifically amended the City of Sydney Act  as part of its plot to unseat democratically elected Clover Moore.  

The amendment audaciously challenges Lincoln's idea of government of the people, by the people, for the people. It does this by making corporations eligible to vote in the City of Sydney Council election. That's right, non-human, legal fiction, limited liability, for-profit entities, including those with non-Australian ownership, get to vote. And what's even more distorting and perverse, is that those businesses can get two votes via nominees, whereas actual human citizens get only one vote. This serves democracy how?

Ian Waters  Surry Hills

Mike Baird's council amalgamations have something in common with his approach to biodiversity; a resolute refusal to acknowledge the importance of locality and context. The forced amalgamations seek to impose a one-size-fits-all model across the entire state and the biodiversity legislation seeks to make unique ecological communities in disparate parts of the state equivalent with its dubious environmental offset schemes.

French Fry Tour: Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen

Two fan favorites: Poutine and fish and chips

But Chef Todd Cassell has one dish that's not even on the menu yet.

"One thing we are playing around with, this is going to be a special is what I'm going to call a dumpster fry," he says.

But trust me -- you wont want to throw these fries out.  It starts with their signature mac and cheese sauce.

"Then we are gonna hit that with some onions, some tomatoes, little bit of jalepenos," he says.

If that's not enough...

"Some bacon, a little bit more of the cheese sauce, and some scallions on top," he adds.

These fries also come with a side of history. Owners Rich McSheffery and Keith Paxson first met in 1979

"We are best friends of childhood and always talked about opening a place together," McSheffrey says.

Little did they know a devastating fire in Barre would lead to a business partnership. Once the fire was out, the space under renovation, the longtime friends got an idea.

What Mortgage Lenders/Banks should I avoid?

We're buying our first home. I'm checking rates at Bankrate and finding a lot of choices. I'm tempted to apply to the lowest APR. Should I be avoiding any of these companies listed below? My credit union has a much higher rate than any of these.

Quicken, Everbank, and Compass are names I know.

But... be careful - they are pushers of things that are Evil.
They will try to scam you into variable loans, ARMs, 5/1's, 5/5's.