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Property Transactions for Jan. 26
End Blvd., Bear Creek Township, $105,000. • Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Homeward Residential Inc. to Nicholas E. Belfino and Christine S. Giuliano, 55 Kingswood Drive, Dallas Township, $140,899.

Reverse-Mortgage Rule Changes Draw Professor to the Business
Columbia Business School professor Christopher Mayer is so sure reverse mortgages can be a cornerstone of responsible retirement planning that he's gone into the business. “It's an enormous underserved market,” says Mayer, who is teaching fewer 

A snapshot of 2013 activities in the Sheriff's Office
Minnesota TZD is the state's cornerstone traffic safety program, employing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths on Minnesota roads. The TZD program uses data to target areas for improvement and employ proven

Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage
Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage The previous owner, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors, LLC, paid $50 million for the Amalfi in 2007. The hotel struggled during the recession and missed payments on a $37 million mortgage. It was less of a struggle in 2010 after the loan was restructured.

Cornerstone Mortgage Group Part 1 of 3 2009 Mortgage Market Forecast

Cornerstone Mortgage Group presents a 2009 mortgage market forecast on there prediction of how the next 2009 year will turn out. Hosted by Michael ...

4 Reasons Reverse Mortgages Aren't Mainstream Products—Yet

Given the need to tap this equity, it’s important to acknowledge some of the barriers keeping reverse mortgages from becoming a bigger piece of the retirement puzzle. Salter and his peers shared four reasons the product hasn’t yet become a mainstay in portfolio strategies. 

1. Costs

While a reverse mortgage doesn’t require a monthly mortgage payment, there are still costs associated with the loan. 

“One of the issues that seemed to not make it a mainstream product was the upfront costs,” Salter said. “Prior to 2010, the [FHA] insurance fee was 2.5% of the home value. Plus the closing costs, insurance, appraisal fees, attorney fees, etc.”

That led many people, Salter included, to misunderstand the scope of the product, partly because it was so expensive relative to the average household income and home equity.

“It was hard to get around the cost issue and say, ‘Hey, this makes sense,’” he said.

However, today, the home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) has an upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) of 0.5% with the caveat that borrowers are limited to 60% of their principal limit during the first year.

Harvard Gets Biggest Financial Gift Ever From Wall Street Alum

Paulson is a 1980 graduate of Harvard Business School and is founder and president of investment management firm Paulson & Co. He started the company with $2 million in 1994, and it now manages more than $19 billion. Paulson built his fortune in part by betting against subprime mortgage bonds as the U.S. housing market veered toward collapse in 2007.

"John Paulson's extraordinary gift will enable the growth and ensure the strength of engineering and applied sciences at Harvard for the benefit of generations to come," said Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard.

The science and engineering school has grown rapidly in recent years, and its laboratories have led to advancements such as a swarm of self-organizing robots, an implantable cancer vaccine and a robot that can assemble itself from a flat sheet. The school is planning to expand into the nearby Allston neighborhood, near Harvard Business School.

"John is the epitome of a visionary leader," said Nitin Nohria, dean of Harvard Business School. "He understands that this gift will be the cornerstone for a Harvard campus in Allston where multiple disciplines can converge and combine their passion for knowledge, unleashing discovery in ways that truly benefit society and the world."

What Mortgage Lenders/Banks should I avoid?

We're buying our first home. I'm checking rates at Bankrate and finding a lot of choices. I'm tempted to apply to the lowest APR. Should I be avoiding any of these companies listed below? My credit union has a much higher rate than any of these.

Quicken, Everbank, and Compass are names I know.

But... be careful - they are pushers of things that are Evil.
They will try to scam you into variable loans, ARMs, 5/1's, 5/5's.

3 Types of Home Loans in St. Louis for Home Improvement Needs ...

The three popular types of home loans in St. Louis are home equity, home equity line of credit (HELOC), energy efficient mortgage, or cash out refinance. This option is generally referred to as a second mortgage because this loan is taken out in addition to the primary mortgage. The equity of the loan is the amount of your loan that you have “paid off” and therefore “own” in your home. These loans do exist however they are not called home improvement loans. Home equity is using the equity of your loan as collateral. Did you know that there are different types of home loans in St. Louis that can help cover the cost of renovations and repairs....

Easy Solution to Pay Down Your Mortgage in St. Louis | Cornerstone ...

  The couple decides to visit a local lender and find out what their options are on getting a mortgage in St. Louis. The lender walks them through the process and discusses the best payment schedules to pay down their mortgage. Getting a mortgage in St. Louis, can bring mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. For an instance, a married couple, Sandy and Bob, are about to start a family and decide to buy their first home. Sandy and Bob decide to get their financial ducks in order by setting up a payment schedule....