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Property Transactions for Jan. 26
End Blvd., Bear Creek Township, $105,000. • Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Homeward Residential Inc. to Nicholas E. Belfino and Christine S. Giuliano, 55 Kingswood Drive, Dallas Township, $140,899.

Reverse-Mortgage Rule Changes Draw Professor to the Business
Columbia Business School professor Christopher Mayer is so sure reverse mortgages can be a cornerstone of responsible retirement planning that he's gone into the business. “It's an enormous underserved market,” says Mayer, who is teaching fewer 

A snapshot of 2013 activities in the Sheriff's Office
Minnesota TZD is the state's cornerstone traffic safety program, employing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths on Minnesota roads. The TZD program uses data to target areas for improvement and employ proven

Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage
Prospectus offers peek at Amalfi mortgage The previous owner, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors, LLC, paid $50 million for the Amalfi in 2007. The hotel struggled during the recession and missed payments on a $37 million mortgage. It was less of a struggle in 2010 after the loan was restructured.

Cornerstone Mortgage Group Part 1 of 3 2009 Mortgage Market Forecast

Cornerstone Mortgage Group presents a 2009 mortgage market forecast on there prediction of how the next 2009 year will turn out. Hosted by Michael ...

The Illusion Of Inflation, The Threat Of Deflation, And Nothing The Fed Can Do About Either

Structural changes and unresolved issues resulting from the Great Recession, in combination with monetary policy as seen over the past seven years, enabled a low-demand economic environment that opened more doors for deflationary than inflationary pressures. Despite recent enthusiasm that inflation and economic growth appear to finally pick up, hopes are only based on single indicators. Unfortunately the risk of deflation is greater than ever.

Since the Federal Reserve started monitoring inflation expectations on a daily base, the lowest Treasury market forecast (yield spread between conventional Treasury bonds and TIPS) for 5-year inflation outside the Great Recession was 1.19% in August 2010, followed by 1.23% in May 2003. In 2015, the low end of the long-term range was broken in January when expectations fell to 1.05%; after a recovery in the first half, expectations dropped again to a new low of 1.02% in September, rebounded slightly and broke down to another low of 0.93% on February 9 this year, driven by ongoing concerns over the U.S. and global economy and further plunging commodity prices.

For the Record 4/7


Tommy Collins, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol

Padraic Joseph Odea, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alchol — aggravated

Heather Lynn Thomas, public intoxication

Joshua Ray Voyles, Collinsville, possession of controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Elvaixsa Lara, public intoxication

Dominic Kaleb Moore, possession of controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

Brent Michael Davis, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, unsafe lane change, failure to maintain security

Michael Dewayne Girty, petit larceny


Federal National Mortgage Association et l v. Judy Blanke Seaman, et al, foreclosure

United Rentals (North America), Inc. v. Cornerstone Concrete & Excavation LLC, dba, et al, breach of agreement — contract

What Mortgage Lenders/Banks should I avoid?

We're buying our first home. I'm checking rates at Bankrate and finding a lot of choices. I'm tempted to apply to the lowest APR. Should I be avoiding any of these companies listed below? My credit union has a much higher rate than any of these.

Quicken, Everbank, and Compass are names I know.

But... be careful - they are pushers of things that are Evil.
They will try to scam you into variable loans, ARMs, 5/1's, 5/5's.