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Arvest Bank in Little Rock Names Virgil Miller as New CRA Director
Miller's career in banking stretches back 36 years, the last 13 of which were spent at Metropolitan National Bank in Little Rock, where he served as the CRA officer. Miller, a graduate of Arkansas Tech University, also worked at Worthen Bank, Boatmen's

Five-minute guide to interest rates
Five-minute guide to interest rates The number of people out of work is just above the target set last year by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, which could trigger a review on raising interest rates. On Friday, Carney said that interest rates were likely to remain low in the medium

The Gadfly of Greenwich Real Estate
Though the Federal Reserve's policy of rock-bottom interest rates over the last few years has revived the value of many of the nation's subdivisions and sent stocks soaring to historic highs, it has prompted only modest interest in the over-the-top

Down in the polls, Stephen Harper finds public affection abroad
Down in the polls, Stephen Harper finds public affection abroad And on this, his first-ever trip to Israel, it was like the pent-up appreciation finally let loose, with a standing ovation in the Knesset, praise at Tel Aviv University, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate, and at the Western Wall, where he got

Otis Elevator At Arvest Bank Downtown Little Rock, Ar

Riding the elevator at Arvest Bank. ~Elevator # 2725 Info~ Brand: Otis Type: Geared Traction Capacity: 3500 LBS Speed: 350 FPM No. Of Floors: 5 ...

2 Little Rock companies pick up 4-story building near Arkansas River for $8M

River Walk Office and River Walk Office II, a pair of limited liability companies in Little Rock, paid almost $8 million for a four-story office building last month.

The building, known as Rock Plaza, has about 55,000 square feet and is at 1 Information Way in Little Rock.

The seller was Heartland Bank Liquidating Trust. Heartland Bank of Little Rock was sold at auction in August last year to Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff. The auction was held to satisfy debt of Rock Bancshares Inc., Heartland's parent company.

The buyers, River Walk Office and River Walk Office II, list their address as 216 Louisiana St., which is home to VCC LLC, one of the largest construction companies in the region. It has nine offices around the country as well as the Little Rock headquarters.

Sam Alley, chief executive officer with VCC, is also an executive with the two limited liability companies.

River Walk Office and River Walk Office II are meeting with Rock Plaza tenants to determine their needs, said Derek Alley, managing director and son of Sam Alley.

Mayor Candidate Spotlight: Frank Scott Jr.

Bank Executive, Former Highway Commissioner, Former Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

How do you view the role of mayor in a city like Little Rock, which also has a city manager?

The mayor is responsible for setting a comprehensive agenda that is responsive to the needs and will of the people. Additionally, the mayor should marshal the human and financial resources for effectively implementing the agenda. I envision the city manager’s role as purely operational, focused solely on executing the agenda the mayor sets forth. This relationship between the mayor and city manager is similar to that of a chief executive officer and chief operating officer – a partnership where I set the vision for Little Rock and take sole responsibility for seeing the vision through with the city manager’s role limited to executing the people’s agenda.

What do you consider to be the biggest issue facing Little Rock? What about five years from now?