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Crednology Holding Corp Announces Further Expansion of the Company's ...
"We believe that with team leaders like Romel Carlton, Bob Klesath, and former Amstar Mortgage CEO Howard Wayland at the wheel, this group is poised to do great things," stated Troy Fields, Sr. Executive VP. "We are very pleased to have them as dealer 

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Market Update for Realtors - Job Market, Consumer Spending & Home Sales Create a Picture of What's to Come

Elm Court Estate in Stockbridge waits for redesign

STOCKBRIDGE -- Overlooking one of the town's most scenic vistas, the historic Elm Court Estate on Old Stockbridge Road sits silently behind closed gates on its still-snow-covered landscape, still awaiting transformation into a high-end boutique resort.

Ten months after voters approved a zoning bylaw allowing the property's new operators, Travaasa Experiential Resorts, to add a wing exceeding the maximum allowable height of 35 feet, plans have yet to be filed with three town boards prior to construction.

The resort company's Front Yard LLC, which purchased the property from Robert and Sonya Berle's Elm Court Realty LLC, in July 2012 for $9.8 million, is nearing completion of its redesign.

An application for a special permit will be filed with the Select Board, probably early next month, said Christopher Manning, senior vice president of Amstar in Denver, the global real estate investment firm that owns a subsidiary, Green Tea LLC, operator of Travaasa.

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Amstar Says Staff Laid Off, Looking for Branch Buyer | HousingWire

Amstar Mortgage Corporation currently does over $1,000,000,000 in mortgages a year with approximately 116 branches and licensed in 31 states. Amstar Financial seeks to eventually divest itself of Amstar Mortgage Corporation, so it can concentrate on more profitable ventures. At this time Amstar is speaking with another mortgage company about managing Amstar branches, so service can be maintained with our offices and customers. Amstar Mortgage Corporation a subsidiary of Amstar Financial Holdings, Inc. Many large lenders owe Amstar Mortgage Corporation substantial money, but most of these lenders either have or are going to seek bankruptcy protection in the near future.

AmStar Financial Services Acquires Mortgage Lender's License ...

The license will allow AmStar, once funded, to retain servicing rights to loans it purchases, should it choose to do so. AmStar is interviewing banking advisors to assist management in acquiring the funds necessary to launch the warehouse line. During the 2nd quarter AmStar acquired a Florida Mortgage Lender’s License. An audio “podcast” is available at AmStar Audio Up Dates that more fully discusses the Company’s progress toward full implementation of its plan. Questions about this release may be directed to management via the Contact button located at AmStar’s Web Site. AmStar trades over the counter as Symbol AMAF and is a fully reporting registrant....