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Crednology Holding Corp Announces Further Expansion of the Company's ...
"We believe that with team leaders like Romel Carlton, Bob Klesath, and former Amstar Mortgage CEO Howard Wayland at the wheel, this group is poised to do great things," stated Troy Fields, Sr. Executive VP. "We are very pleased to have them as dealer 

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Market Update for Realtors - Job Market, Consumer Spending & Home Sales Create a Picture of What's to Come

2016-2017 Arizona Case Law and Legislative Developments Affecting Commercial Real Estate and Lending

The following information accompanies a presentation Mike gave to members of the Arizona Commercial Mortgage Lenders Association (ACMLA) on March 14, 2017.

Pending Arizona Legislation – GPLET Transactions

House Bill 2213, which recently passed the Arizona House by a 50-9 margin, would impose a number of restrictions on Arizona’s GPLET program. The GPLET statute was enacted in 1996, and allows a city (Phoenix and Tempe are the most frequent participants) to acquire ownership of land and improvements in a blighted area (which then becomes exempt from property taxes due to their governmental ownership) and lease them back to the developer at a significantly reduced “Government Property Lease Excise Tax” rate; the property typically qualifies for an eight-year tax abatement, followed by a reduced or abated tax obligation (which can extend up to 25 years in total under current law). An estimated one-third of the largest buildings in downtown Phoenix have used GPLET leases.

Teen spring breakers caught up in transportation turf war in Cancun

(WGN) -- A group of suburban high school students and their families say they felt like they were being held hostage when they found themselves in the middle of a spring break stand-off in Mexico.

"We booked a vacation through the Dreams hotel and it wound up being a nightmare," parent Sherri Adams told WGN Investigates.

Adams was part of a group of nearly 70 Hinsdale Central High School students, parents and siblings who went on a senior year spring vacation trip to Cancun in March. This vacation was not coordinated by the high school.

Problems popped up soon after they booked an evening excursion to Señor Frogs. They chartered several vans through Amstar, a company with sales representatives in the hotel lobby. As the group departed the hotel and exited a second security gate that protects the resort area, they say their vehicles were surrounded.

"All of a sudden there are 50 cabs blocking us in – stopped in front of us – they're not letting us go," said parent Donna Mittelstadt. Parents say the cabbies had machetes in their hands and immediately began threatening the group.

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