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West Bancorporation, Inc. Declares Quarterly Dividend; Fourth Quarter Earnings ...
This year, the volume of loans originated declined due to a slowdown in refinancing activity, so the mix of mortgage loan activity was more heavily weighted to home-purchase loans. This typically results in lower margins than loans attributable to

When Did the Rangers Begin to "Suck"?
With Lester Patrick, one of the greatest defensemen of the previous era, as head coach and general manager, the Rangers were successful, every which way, from the start, making the Playoffs in their first season, 1926-27, and then winning the Stanley

Cardinal Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings
In November, the bank completed its branch profitability analysis and decided to close two low performing offices during the 1st quarter of 2014. Mortgage Banking Segment Income Review Cardinal also operates several other subsidiaries: George Mason

Austin mortgage exec to lead new Texas lender
Cannatti formerly was the Texas area manager for Cherry Creek Mortgage Corp. He held other positions with Network Funding LP, Countrywide Home Loans and 1st Metropolitan Mortgage. He has served as president of the Austin Mortgage Bankers 

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1st Metropolitan Mortgage is the mortgage source for fast, friendly service providers, working hard to maximize your financial resources, and ...

An Interview with Lyn Ulbricht, Mother of "Silk...

Directed by Alex Winter (of the Bill & Ted movies) premieres on iTunes and VOD on September 1st. 

TBI: The Silk Road website became the largest drug-trafficking

LU: I have said many times that I am not here to

TBI: How is the government encroaching?  

LU: Even though other courts have rejected this,

TBI: You have called his life sentence draconian.

LU: I understand you have to protect society from Source:

Agency Updates; Spate of Housing Economic News

Wildfires in the west have already burned more than 7 million acres . (To put things in context, the entire state of California has about 101 million total acres.) Lenders and investors everywhere are attuned to the usual disaster policies with lists of hard-hit counties being distributed along with notes like, "If the property is located in one of the counties listed...with a completed appraisal dated prior to August 21, a 1004D re-inspection completed by the Appraiser is required to certify that 'the property is free from fire damage'. For appraisals in these counties dated on or after August 21, the Appraiser must comment on the condition of the property and any effects to the marketability and confirm that 'the property is free from fire damage' detailed in the body of the appraisal. If the appraisal or re-inspection indicates damage, the extent of the damage must be addressed. If the subject property sustained minor damage, the repairs must be completed prior to closing. If the damages are structural or major subject to rebuild, the loan will be declined due to collateral condition. The re-inspection and any extension to accommodate repairs will be charged to the Borrower."

My buddy wants me to be a mortgage broker with him, what should I ask for?

He's offering $1000 a month salary plus 30% splits.

He mentioned something like starting at 60% before? But I'm new so he's starting me at 30%?

why on earth would you enter the mortgage business at this time?

I'm unclear about the situation. Are you currently working with this guy and he is starting his own mortgage company?

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