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First Financial Expands to Fort Wayne
The residential mortgage team, consisting of four loan originators and Mortgage Sales Manager, Brock Rauch, will deliver First Financial's full range of mortgage products to homeowners in the Fort Wayne market. The mortgage team averages over 18 years 

MonCana Bank of Canada renamed CFF Bank following acquisition by ...
The former MonCana Bank of Canada was acquired by Canadian First Financial last year and over 7,000 MonCana Bank customers and over 2,000 mortgage and deposit brokers were welcomed to Canadian First Financial in October 2013. About Canadian 

Bob and Maureen McDonnell, businessman bonded over financial needs ...
Bob and Maureen McDonnell, businessman bonded over financial needs ... In their first real conversation beyond brief pleasantries, Jonnie R. Williams Sr. and the soon-to-be first couple of Virginia found themselves in a swanky hotel lounge in New York, chatting about a dress. Maureen McDonnell fretted to the Richmond area

First Financial Bancorp Announces Financial Statement Impact of Valuation ...
The Company's subsidiary, First Financial Bank, N.A., founded in 1863, provides banking and financial services products through its four lines of business: commercial, consumer, wealth management and mortgage. The commercial, consumer and mortgage 

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These risk-taking mortgage lenders could trigger the next housing crisis

It’s not easy to be a home buyer these days. With home prices rising around 6% annually, owning a home has become less affordable. As you might expect, it’s also been difficult for lenders in the mortgage business whose firms provide the financing for the millions of Americans wanting to buy their own residence. With loan origination and volume decreasing, and after executives reduce their company’s costs, they are faced with the decision of whether to lower margins or credit standards.

Such a “race to the bottom,” which partly caused the 2008 U.S. economic meltdown, isn’t the only thing that could precipitate the next housing crisis .

I’m referring to what’s known in the financial industry as “liquidity risk.” In basic terms, this is the ability for a firm to meet short-term financial obligations such as compensating employees. Liquidity risk is particularly acute within the housing sector because non-bank lenders originate more than 50% of home loans, up from just  9%  in 2009.

Forget everything you’ve heard about first-time homebuyers. They’re doing all right.

How many first-time homebuyers are there in the housing market?

That’s an important question. A smaller share of first-timers suggests that the market may be too competitive or too expensive – and ultimately not very inclusive. A bigger share suggests market conditions may be a bit easier, and that more Americans are getting a shot at attaining upward mobility.

But it is surprisingly difficult to pin down exactly how many home purchases go to first-timers, and a new set of research reports from the New York Fed attempts to correct that.

The National Association of Realtors, the trade group that’s responsible for what may be the best-known measurements of the issue, publishes an annual survey of characteristics of home buyers and sellers. NAR conducts that survey on a monthly basis and those results are tracked in their existing-home sales release .

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what happens when you are late on your first mortgage due to a financial hardship?

I closed on apr30, and I had a mva on 6may. what would be the result of a late mortgage payment?

Bad idea. If you miss the payment date you will be reported to all credit reporting agencies as a 30 day late and that could affect your credit rating by 20-30 points.

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