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Bank of Springfield expands in Metro East
Bank of Springfield founder Jack Marantz led a purchase of First Community State Bank in 1978, but spokeswoman Cher Hoffman said the bank holding companies were never merged. “First Community State Bank will now roll over into Bank of Springfield,” 

Community banks bailing on mortgage lending
The bank has a high concentration of residential loans in its portfolio, about 46 percent, but that is because First America merged in 2009 with Manatee River Community Bank, a thrift that was primarily a home lender. Most mortgage lending in Florida

PrivateBank's new customer: Other banks
Six years after the financial crisis dried up credit for community banks, PrivateBank & Trust is stepping into the breach. The growing Chicago-based commercial bank has hired four veteran local bankers to launch a The reaction from community

Superlien law heads to state Supreme Court
Does a foreclosure sale conducted by a homeowner association to collect unpaid assessments extinguish all junior liens, including a first deed of trust (the mortgage)? The U.S. District Court for Wells Fargo Bank, MTC Financial Inc. and Federal

First Community Bank talks about Ellie Mae's Encompass360 Ellie Mae (NYSE Amex:ELLI) is a provider of software and automation solutions for mortgage bankers, community banks, credit ...

JPMorgan Chase CFO Marianne Lake to lead bank's consumer lending business

Lake, who is considered to be among the potential replacements for CEO Jamie Dimon when he retires, has been with the bank since 1999.

Prior to becoming serving as Chase’s CEO, Lake was CFO of consumer & community banking. Lake also served as the investment bank’s global controller from 2007 to 2009 and held a number of roles in the consumer bank and investment bank in New York and London.

Replacing Lake as CFO is Jennifer Piepszak, who is currently CEO of the bank’s card services business.

Piepszak joined Chase in 1994 and has held a number of positions during her time with the bank. Prior to leading card services, Piepszak served as CEO of the bank’s business banking unit. Earlier in her Chase career, Piepszak held other senior roles, including CFO of mortgage banking and controller of mortgage banking and retail financial services.

As CFO, Piepszak will report directly to Dimon. Piepszak will also serve a member of the bank’s operating committee.

Savings Bank of Danbury Celebrates 170th Anniversary; Officials Reflect on Past and Look to a Promising Future

Savings Bank of Danbury traces its roots to the desk of George W. Ives, at the Ives Home in Danbury, where the Bank officially opened for business July 14, 1849. Ives served as the Bank’s Secretary-Treasurer from 1849 to 1860. Banking was much more informal in those days; historical records of those early days reveal that the Bank was open only on Saturdays from 2 to 5 p.m., and that “it was generally known that, in the absence of Mr. Ives, deposits could be left with his wife at their kitchen door.”

On its first day, the Bank took in eight deposits totaling $15; and in its first year, recorded deposits of $12,245.59.

The City of Danbury had approximately 4,000 residents in 1849; the schools had an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students. Zachary Taylor was President of the United States; and the principal form of transportation in and around Danbury was on foot. The region’s industries included hats (for which Danbury was to become famous), boots and shoes, carriage making, and wood and iron turning. There were approximately 200 working farms surrounding the community’s industrial hub.

Why did bush's top banking officals say that the community investment act had nothing to do with the crisis?

Bush appointees Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and FDIC Chairman Shelia Blair, both republicans, have stated that the CRA had nothing to do with the housing crisis.

Because it was true. Loans made under the CRA, which has been law since the 1970's, have a very low default rate and are an insignificant percentage of the mortgage loans outstanding.

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