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Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp (WMC): Best Time To Buy Western Asset ...
Over the last 2 quarters the REITs have adjusted their holdings and continue to be profitable and many companies pay a double digit return through their dividend. Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp (WMC) paid an exceptional dividend of $2.35 (based on 

What Germaine Greer and The Female Eunuch mean to me
What Germaine Greer and The Female Eunuch mean to me It has become fashionable to affect a faint embarrassment about Greer, like a batty great aunt who sits in the corner making disquieting remarks about the Germans. Her intellectual promiscuity has undoubtedly taken her down some odd routes – I remember 

More people on the move – to Oregon
Atlas Van Lines, the national affiliate of his Blue Bird Moving & Storage Co., forecast little change from previous years when moving companies such as McLaren's had been punished by the Great Recession. According to an Atlas Van Lines online

New Homes boom for the Westcountry?
These show signs of much greater confidence and a return to a more normal marketplace for new homes in the South West. Firstly, I have seen the return of off-plan purchases. This is surely a sign of optimism and perhaps indicates that buyers are

Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06

My Mortgage Bankers Speech from Nov 13th 2006 is now in one video clip. I gave this presentation at the the Western Regional Mortgage Bankers ...

Where Are Women who still believe in Romance, Honesty, Friendship, True Love and great sex daily? Where?

It seems there are so many guarded people these days.. Superficiality and pretentiousness seem common place.. My heart is real and yet dating seems like a job interview that never ends.

It does seem like that doesn't it. Well, like everyone else is going to tell you I'm soon as you stop looking, you'll find her.