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Official: Riverside County rents are too high
FILE - An Inland Empire congressman said Thursday that rental housing in Riverside County is becoming less and less affordable because of real estate investment activity the lawmaker believes should be the subject of congressional hearings. / Richard

State Updates; Storm May Lead to a Quiet Market; Hiring of and...
Baby Boomers are a good source of business for retirement planning and revenue for banks and other lenders, but we should not find ourselves generationally "locked down" and forget about Gen Y and Gen X. There are 90 million Gen Y (Millennials) folks

Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End 2013 ...
For 2012, including a non-recurring bargain purchase gain of $5.3 million and non-recurring merger-related expenses of $500,000 associated with the Palm Desert National Bank (“Palm Desert National”) acquisition from the Federal Deposit Insurance

The 2014 Forecast Is Bright, Which Should Make Investors Wary
After a year of robust returns, investors have now regained their confidence and are much readier to desert bond markets in favor of equities. Sustained earnings growth and reasonable valuations make it likely that equities will continue to do well in

The Basics of a Reverse Mortgage

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It's getting more expensive to buy a California bank

“M&A is very strategic,” said Mitch Razook, president and chief operating officer of RLR Management Consulting in Palm Desert, Calif. “Before, it was just get bigger and improve market share. Now it is very strategic in terms of the value an acquisition might bring.”

Eight California banks have agreed to sell themselves this year, a pace that would surpass the 14 deals announced in 2017, based on June 15 data from Keefe, Bruyette & Woods and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

CVB Financial in Ontario is California acquirer that has taken a more focused approach to M&A, President and CEO Christopher Myers said. Deals that worked in the immediate aftermath of the crisis may not make sense today.

CVB's 2009 purchase of the failed San Joaquin Bank made sense at the time, given a loss-sharing agreement with the FDIC. The company, which unloaded about $250 million of the failed bank's assets that didn’t fit its business model, prefers more precision with future purchases, Myers said.

Why DC Developers Heart Crowdfunding

According to VanArsdale, his team figured that there weren’t that many vacancies, and if they filled those vacancies and increased the rent over time, it would become a well-performing asset.

However, they discovered that most of the people on the leases left a long time ago, and some of the people residing in the building were involved in an illegal drug and gun operation.

“We partnered with the Prince George’s Police Department and hired police officers to live in the building and they began making arrests,” VanArsdale told Commercial Observer.

If ever there was a need for capital to revamp a building, this was it. The project needed to do deep retrofits on the vacant units and planned to incorporate solar panels on the rooftop.

Enter: Small Change, one of the newer real estate crowdfunding sites to hit D.C. VanArsdale raised $200,000 in three to four months. His team expanded the building’s footprint and built out the parking lot which increased it to a size the investor was willing to finance, VanArsdale said. The team hopes to have the building fully leased by the end of summer.