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The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market
Raleigh's home prices stayed relatively stable during the recession. This one-bedroom condominium built in 2008, with 24-hour security, fitness center and a building pool, recently sold for a higher price than its previous peak. Sales of They are

Mojo - January 2014
Mojo - January 2014 This week, the FBI and Department of Justice busted a Washington, DC-based political consultant and an ex-detective turned private security contractor in a money-in-politics scandal seemingly ripped from the pages of All the President's Men. According

Tax Man Cometh
Tax Man Cometh Taxes have always been a mixed blessing for Americans. NBC News reports that in 2012, 22 percent of federal tax dollars went to health, 20 percent to Social Security, 20 percent to defense, 13 percent for a safety net (hardship programs for

FOMC, Yellen, Obama's Address, Egypt: Week Ahead Jan. 25-Feb. 1
The world's largest company by market value will probably announce quarterly earnings per share rose during the holiday shopping season, according to a Bloomberg survey, after introducing its latest models of iPhones and iPads. -U.S.-Pakistan

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News of Record for Thursday, Dec. 27 - News

ARREST RECORDS: For a list of arrests,

SUITS: Bank of New York Mellon v. Eunice Brunelle, real property; Michael Cardell v. Security First Insurance Co., insurance claim; Government Loan Securitization Trust v. Deanna L. Woods, real property; Gulf Atlantic Industries of America Disaster v. Security First Insurance Co., insurance claim; Freedom Mortgage Corp. v. Garrett O. Enck, real property; Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. NA v. Ethel Louise Stickle, real property; Nancy Brace v. Artisan Grill LLC, premises liability/commercial; Theron Burgans v. St Johns Insurance Co. Inc, insurance claim; Progressive Select Insurance Co. v. Mercedes C. Moran, auto negligence; Progressive American Insurance Co. v. Courtney M. Rickman, auto negligence; US Bank National Association v. Frederick R. Taylor, real property; Michelle Hood v. Cheryl Ann Bambury, premises liability/commercial; Vance Reierson v. Extreme Concrete Services Inc, discrimination, employment or other; Gulf Atlantic Industries of American Inc v. Safe Harbor Insurance Co., insurance claim; Charlene Renaud v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance, in excess of $15,000; Estate of Nicholas Adam Blakeley v. Stetson University Inc, other; Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Bernadette N. Sirocka, in excess of $15,000; Bank of New York Mellon v. John Phillips, real property; Maryellen Skerry v. SMA Behavioral Healthare, habeas corpus; Sun Trust Bank v. Jacqueline Smalls, real property; Lloyd Wright v. American Southern Home Insurance Co., insurance claim; Valerie Ray Greer v. Transportation Services Unlimited Inc., premises liability/commercial; Giavanna Larubbio v. City of Daytona Beach, premises liability/commercial; Sophia Nedrow v. Conagra Brands Inc, products liability; Anna Kurland v. BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc, premises liability/commercial; Cindy Keeling v. Racetrac Petroleum Inc, premises liability/commercial; TD Bank NA v. William C. Schnell, real property; US Bank National Association v. Latasha M. Towles, real property; Jeffrey Annon v. First Protective Insurance Co., insurance claim.

Do American businesses want Illegal immigrant busines?

Apparently they do. Here is what Bank of America is doing
LOS ANGELES -- In the latest sign of the U.S. banking industry's aggressive pursuit of the Hispanic market, Bank of America Corp.

Well, you answered your own question.

Here are my thoughts:

As many of us agree, "illegal" means ILLEGAL, so of course they should have to go.