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The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market
Raleigh's home prices stayed relatively stable during the recession. This one-bedroom condominium built in 2008, with 24-hour security, fitness center and a building pool, recently sold for a higher price than its previous peak. Sales of They are

Mojo - January 2014
Mojo - January 2014 This week, the FBI and Department of Justice busted a Washington, DC-based political consultant and an ex-detective turned private security contractor in a money-in-politics scandal seemingly ripped from the pages of All the President's Men. According

Tax Man Cometh
Tax Man Cometh Taxes have always been a mixed blessing for Americans. NBC News reports that in 2012, 22 percent of federal tax dollars went to health, 20 percent to Social Security, 20 percent to defense, 13 percent for a safety net (hardship programs for

FOMC, Yellen, Obama's Address, Egypt: Week Ahead Jan. 25-Feb. 1
The world's largest company by market value will probably announce quarterly earnings per share rose during the holiday shopping season, according to a Bloomberg survey, after introducing its latest models of iPhones and iPads. -U.S.-Pakistan

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Martin, St. Lucie County public records: June 14, 2018

Martin County 

Auto negligence

Mary Henderson as personal representative of the estate of William Henderson v. Council on Aging of Martin County Inc., unknown driver


Thomas S. Dipaola, Mary T. Dipaola v. Craig B. Danzig

Ken Roseen v. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Med Surg Billing and Contracting LLC v. Surgical Specialists of St. Lucie County LLC

American Express National Bank v. John Textor

Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. v. Anthony Antoniello

Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. v. Todd Dejarnette

Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. v. Elizabeth Delatorre

Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. v. Luz Pagan


Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. v.

Chat bot opens door to Ticketmaster payment card hack

“As soon as we discovered the malicious software, we disabled the Inbenta product across all Ticketmaster websites,” said Ticketmaster, which estimates less than 5 percent of its global customers was affected. 

The BBC reports that around 40,000 UK residents were affected. The UK's National Crime Agency said it is investigating the incident while the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has posted advice for affected users . 

Compromised details include name, address, email address, telephone number, payment card numbers and Ticketmaster login details. NCSC advised affected users to change online passwords, monitor bank accounts, and watch out for phishing. Many victims may have already seen phishing attempts and fraudulent transfers in the past few months. 

Ticketmaster said that UK customers who used the site between February and June 23, 2018 may be affected, and out of caution it has warned international customers who made purchases in this period. 

Do American businesses want Illegal immigrant busines?

Apparently they do. Here is what Bank of America is doing
LOS ANGELES -- In the latest sign of the U.S. banking industry's aggressive pursuit of the Hispanic market, Bank of America Corp.

Well, you answered your own question.

Here are my thoughts:

As many of us agree, "illegal" means ILLEGAL, so of course they should have to go.