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Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation,0,4780686.story
Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation Yet those same policies have added momentum to one of the greatest surges in economic inequality in U.S. history, helping the wealthiest Americans add to their enormous riches while the incomes of almost everyone else stagnated. By driving interest

READER SUBMITTED: John Arcidiacono Joins American Eagle FCU As ...,0,5494712.story
John Arcidiacono of Farmington, has joined American Eagle Federal Credit Union as a mortgage loan originator based in the East Hartford Main Office. John brings over 10 years of banking and insurance experience to the Credit Union. John previously held 

Seahawks players look ahead to big endorsement deals as they march toward ...
Wilson late last year added Microsoft and Alaska Airlines to endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi and insurance company American Family, said his agent, Mark Rodgers. “Russell has begun to create a personality and a personal brand that corporate America

Real Estate Mortgages for Laforuche Parish: Jan. 25, 2014
Houma Mortgage & Loan Inc; Mortgagor: April A Johnson, Marco Sierra; Lot 3 Blk A Meadowland; $20,163; Entry#1170253 on 1/7/2014. • Community Bank; Mortgagor: James B Miller Jr, Shantel I Darden; Sec 43 T17S-R18E; $44,070; Entry#1170258 on 

Mortgages for Business -2-year Discount Tracker 70% LTV

Once again this month the BBR remains at 0.5% and it is predicted that it will remain so until at least March 31st 2012. For full details, listen ...

Mortgages May Cost Borrowers More Due to Reform Proposal, Pimco Says

We believe that without the ability to differentiate on price, investors could see a “race to the bottom” phenomenon in which Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac start packaging worse securities with impunity (i.e., without the usual price mechanism to ensure discipline and accountability). On a broader scale, instead of increasing competition this would dampen it, in our view.

It is inadequate to focus, myopically, on prepayments since in a "race to the bottom" speeds between Fannie Mae-issued UMBS and Freddie Mac-issued UMBS are virtually guaranteed to be similar -- but at a worse absolute level. We expect these worse prepayment speeds will translate directly to higher note rates for borrowers, as all bonds become less valuable and reprice lower.

Accordingly, ensuring alignment is straightforward: mandate the same Selling and Servicing Guides be adopted by both companies with no price differences whatsoever for the acquisition of loans.

Q: Should holders of legacy MBS not swap into UMBS, what problems might that cause?

Congress just dodged hard decisions about flood insurance again

A federal flood insurance program that’s the only option for many homeowners in areas threatened by water damage was extended Tuesday with none of the reforms many observers call necessary.

The Senate voted to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program for four months even though a broad group of environmentalists, housing industry participants, and advocates of lean government all want to see big changes to the program. President Donald Trump signed the bill into law Tuesday afternoon.

The NFIP, which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, offers insurance policies for homeowners in areas where it’s required by mortgage lenders, and where there are few or no other private-market alternatives.

See : Hurricane season bears down — with 7 million homes at risk and a flood insurance program set to expire

It has been criticized for setting insurance rates that are much lower than the risk posed to the property, thanks to the government subsidy. And many groups want to see taxpayer money used for efforts that would mitigate the effects of flooding, rather than provide bare-bones protection to continue to allow homeowners to live in risky areas.

If I buy a house to rent can I claim the mortgage as an expense?

I was thinking of buying and renting a house. At first it seemed a good deal, however, it won't be profitable if I have to pay a large amount of the rental income to taxes at the rate I pay regular income tax.

The interest of the mortgage is an expense, not the principle.