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'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care ...
'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care ... 'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care homes, parking charges and school crossing patrols. By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: January 24, 2014. Labour's cabinet member for finance Rob Stewart. Comments (1).

NY plans to share data from pre-K to workforce, aims to unlock keys to student ...
Pleasantville Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter is not a fan of P-20. 'Why are they doing this? What's the purpose? Why do they need students' names? Do we need to . Paige Kowalski, director of state policy for the Data Quality Campaign, a nonprofit

Duke phenom Jabari Parker has humble alter ego
Like nearly all Mormon men active in the church, Parker is a priest, and he spent about two years during high school as a home teacher, making monthly visits to a group of families in the congregation. For these visits, he was paired with his bishop

Texas lost its top four scorers, but Rick Barnes is pushing all the right buttons
Texas lost its top four scorers, but Rick Barnes is pushing all the right buttons No amount of layup drills, pregame speeches, team meals and game film can alter the environment if the guys on the court don't jell. "It's good to go into practice and It's just good to be around a group of guys that are all like that." The

The Alter Group Corporate Video - 2010 Developer of the Year

The Alter Group named America's 2010 Developer of the Year, has emerged as a leader in not only business but in social entrepreneurship and ...

UP women's soccer coach aims to alter team's 'DNA'

ON SOCCER/BY PAUL DANZER/PORTLAND TRIBUNE/Michelle French looks to improve Pilots' 5-13-1 season

The DNA of a soccer program doesn't change in one spring.

But seeds can be planted and expectations defined, and on those fronts Michelle French considers her first spring in charge of the women's soccer program at the University of Portland a good start.

"A couple of things we learned about this team: They've got some fight and they've got some bite. They have the ability to come back after being down a goal once or twice during a game," French says. "So we're starting to try to change the DNA of this team a little bit in a lot of different ways."

The Pilots had two wins and two ties in four spring matches, including a draw in a scrimmage with the Portland Thorns during the NWSL preseason. But spring isn't about results, particularly for a new coaching staff.

Weld County pipeline working group concludes meetings with a change to oil and gas pipeline permitting process

"I think at the end of the day, we came up with a pretty good product that made everyone happy," said Tom Parko, Weld County's director of planning services. "What we did is we satisfied, first and foremost, some of the surface owner concerns."

For county officials, those concerns had been at the forefront of several of the working group meetings, which started out with a large audience that gathered four months after two people were killed in the Firestone home explosion caused by a gas leak from a flow line. Initial conversations about forming the group happened more than a year before that, after an initial working group helped Weld County commissioners develop standards and definitions about oil and gas pipelines.

By the third working group meeting , the conversation transitioned from surface-level discussions about definitions of pipelines to criticisms by farmers of the oil and gas industry. There, farmers said companies route pipelines underneath century-old irrigation ditches with no notice and work with farmers in a hostile manner. Safety officials accused operators of not communicating about where their pipelines were located, making it difficult for them to respond when a pipeline explodes and they can't determine which company owns it.

Can the insurance group alter depending on the Insurer?

I am looking to buy a SEAT Leon 1.9TDI Reference. My dealer has told me the insurance group is No.7, but SEAT Insurance told me it is Group 17, but Go Compare said it is Group 6. I am confused and does the group differ depending on the Insurer?

The method used to group cars recently changed and I think what's happening here is that the companies that are quoting 6 and 7 are still using the old system, while SEAT are on the new one.