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'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care ...
'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care ... 'We have listened': Swansea's ruling Labour group alters proposals on care homes, parking charges and school crossing patrols. By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: January 24, 2014. Labour's cabinet member for finance Rob Stewart. Comments (1).

NY plans to share data from pre-K to workforce, aims to unlock keys to student ...
Pleasantville Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter is not a fan of P-20. 'Why are they doing this? What's the purpose? Why do they need students' names? Do we need to . Paige Kowalski, director of state policy for the Data Quality Campaign, a nonprofit

Duke phenom Jabari Parker has humble alter ego
Like nearly all Mormon men active in the church, Parker is a priest, and he spent about two years during high school as a home teacher, making monthly visits to a group of families in the congregation. For these visits, he was paired with his bishop

Texas lost its top four scorers, but Rick Barnes is pushing all the right buttons
Texas lost its top four scorers, but Rick Barnes is pushing all the right buttons No amount of layup drills, pregame speeches, team meals and game film can alter the environment if the guys on the court don't jell. "It's good to go into practice and It's just good to be around a group of guys that are all like that." The

The Alter Group Corporate Video - 2010 Developer of the Year

The Alter Group named America's 2010 Developer of the Year, has emerged as a leader in not only business but in social entrepreneurship and ...

LIGHTFOOT's Council challenge — TRUDEAU hits Chicago — Activist will face DANNY DAVIS

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot will start rolling out announcements this week about the appointments she's making across her administration. What's still up in the air, though, are decisions about who will chair the City Council’s 17 committees and tensions are growing about how those positions will be determined.

In line with previous administrations, Lightfoot is expected to recommend which aldermen she’d like to see in leadership roles. And while Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Richard M. Daley saw their suggestions get rubber-stamp approval, the Council has been putting feelers out for several months about having more independence from the mayor — any mayor — potentially creating some resistance to Lightfoot’s decisions.

Opinion: Good candidates, not maps, alter election results

Late last month, a trio of activist judges on the U.S. District Court handed down a decision that sent shockwaves through Lansing’s political class and may soon deprive you of the right to be represented by the man or woman you recently elected.

The judges sided with a liberal political group and Democratic attorneys, declaring Michigan’s current legislative boundary maps unconstitutionally gerrymandered and ordered lawmakers to draw new maps before the summer is out, for new elections in 2020. Of course, a new “commission” will almost immediately after that election begin drawing another set of maps for use in 2022 – the result of last year’s Proposal 2.

Republicans are asking the United States Supreme Court to defend the sanctity of your vote, and to step in and to block the lower court’s ruling. They’ve got a better case than you probably imagine. 

That’s because the common claims that the current maps put Democrats at an unfair disadvantage in Michigan are sheer and utter nonsense – and the math proves it.

Can the insurance group alter depending on the Insurer?

I am looking to buy a SEAT Leon 1.9TDI Reference. My dealer has told me the insurance group is No.7, but SEAT Insurance told me it is Group 17, but Go Compare said it is Group 6. I am confused and does the group differ depending on the Insurer?

The method used to group cars recently changed and I think what's happening here is that the companies that are quoting 6 and 7 are still using the old system, while SEAT are on the new one.

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