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Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation,0,4780686.story
By driving interest rates down to historic lows, the Fed chairman helped fuel a huge surge in the stock market, where the wealthiest 1% of Americans have been far better positioned to take advantage of gains than their less affluent fellow citizens. To

Same-sex marriage vote this year could be dicey
Same-sex marriage vote this year could be dicey “There is no more important state than this one,” says Michael Premo, the campaign manager of Why Marriage Matters Ohio, a group launched last fall to educate Ohioans about marriage equality before they vote on the issue. Allowing same-sex couples

Cancelling the State of the Union address would be a good way to cut costs
Cancelling the State of the Union address would be a good way to cut costs There is not a dime's worth of difference between the ways the parties try to milk partisan advantage from this made-for-television political pep rally. Tuesday evening, Barack Obama probably will concentrate on inequality as a way of changing the

And on the seventh day, we were allowed to work
Progressive group One Wisconsin Now's rarely-understated Scot Ross charges that Grothman "now has ending the weekend in his legislative crosshairs," rhetorically asking whether "restoration of indentured servitude" is next on the agenda for the "Walker

Diamond Mortgage Group Update #18 - FHA Streamline Refinancing

In this video Sue Shepherd talks about the new FHA Streamlined Refinancing option that was introduced on June 11, 2012. She discusses how to be ...

Advantage Systems Wraps Up Fourth Annual AMB User Conference for Mortgage Accounting Professionals

The annual event continued to provide users of AMB, Advantage Systems’ accounting solution that was specifically designed for mortgage bankers, with educational sessions led by prominent industry experts, group training and white board sessions, in which users offered their own perspective to other attendees as well as AMB’s software developers. Guest speakers provided relevant and timely information on topics such as interest rate lock commitments, the new tax law, branch reporting and loan officer compensation.

Advantage System also used the conference to showcase enhancements including those made to its Excel Reporting Tool renamed AMBfx as well as the solution’s ability to automatically create images of checks as they are created.

“Our user conference offered an excellent opportunity for clients to learn more about the AMB software, meet with other users and to share how they have addressed common issues,” said Brian Lynch, president and founder of Advantage Systems. “Several sessions were devoted to training and the small group training sessions introduced this year were particularly well attended. The combination of product training, development and industry topics that were the focus of the conference enabled us to exceed last year’s attendance numbers in a year when mortgage lenders’ profit margins have been squeezed.

The Progressive Populist Who Wants to Help Democrats Win Back the Rust Belt

Clinton’s loss raised a host of thorny questions the party has been debating ever since: Was the problem Clinton, or is it broader than that? Should Democrats make more explicit appeals around race and gender to activate disaffected voters? Or should they embrace the full-throated economic populism of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?

Cordray’s race will offer some interesting clues—he’s as pure an exponent of Warren-style populism as anyone on this year’s ballot. Because he lacks a Trump-like persona or a desire to litigate the president’s misdeeds, Cordray is embarking on what amounts to a laboratory experiment in the power of progressive economic populism to win back lost voters. Trump showed that hard-right populism can resonate in Ohio; what’s as yet unclear is whether that message can resonate from the left, when shorn of its anti-immigrant, anti-Clinton attacks and dialed back from Trumpian bombast to Cordray’s scout-leader calm.


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