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Has the time come for a five-year mortgage fix?
Has the time come for a five-year mortgage fix? Many homeowners and buyers have been rushing to fix their monthly mortgage payments to protect themselves from the risk of interest rate rises – so should you be joining them? Mortgage rates remain at historic lows: those with a sizeable rise from

22/01/2014Planning your retirement in France
22/01/2014Planning your retirement in France As long as you have a Form S1 you will receive health cover and pay nothing into the French Social Security System. The Form S1, which you get from your own country, is evidence that you've reached retirement age, have paid social security taxes there

Pot banking rules to be unveiled, Holder says
During an appearance Thursday at the University of Virginia, Holder said it is important from a law enforcement perspective to enable places that sell marijuana to have access to the banking system so they don't have large amounts of cash lying around

Shaking Things Up
This year, with the Federal Reserve turning over a new leaf and ending its bond-buying program, the most successful investors will give equal attention to both. That's the word -- thousands, actually -- from the members of the Barron's Roundtable

Homebuyer Help - The OC Real Estate Show with Peter Campellone

nonconforming residential mortgage backed security. A residential mortgage backed security is a security instrument where sellers solicit for ...

The cloud gets in your eyes

Much of this concern stems from the broad understanding that cloud security is harder to achieve than conventional security. Not only did 71 percent of respondents agree with this contention, but the same percentage agreed back in 2015. This suggests that, despite enthusiasm for the cloud and the efforts of countless vendors and cloud suppliers, customers still feel the cloud-security challenge is not being completely met.

Cloud suppliers have moved assertively in recent months to dispel this perception – largely through a doubling-down of onshore investments designed to allay concerns that cloud data is being shunted out of the control – and reach – of its owners.

Microsoft, for its part, recently announced that many of its Office 365 and Azure cloud platform services had been added to the Commonwealth government’s Certified Cloud Services List  (CCSL) with accreditation to store PROTECTED level government data. Microsoft joins cloud service providers (CSPs) Dimension Data, Macquarie Government, Sliced Tech, and Vault Systems all of which are able to target serious government and commercial clients with the authority that high-level certification provides.

Optimal Blue Acquires Resitrader, Creates Industry's Largest Mortgage Loan Trading Platform

Since its founding in 2015, Resitrader has focused on bringing automation and transparency to the spot market for mortgage loans. Resitrader’s interactive trading environment enables buyers, sellers, and their advisors to transact in real time using an auction process and replaces the widely-used method of exchanging bid tapes via email. The solution also helps traders optimize executions by supporting shadow-bidding, the posting of axes, chat-based communication, and color reports. Resitrader has achieved remarkable success with its trading platform over the past year, recording a 400% increase in transactions.

“Two years ago, Optimal Blue set out to build a Digital Mortgage Marketplace that facilitates transactions between originators, investors, and the providers both use. This acquisition is another key step in that journey,” explained Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue. “Resitrader is the clear market leader in bringing efficiency, transparency, and security to a critical and expanding segment of the mortgage market, and we are excited to offer this innovative solution to our clients.”

So the Clinton administration got the Fanny and Freddy fiasco started...?

Why wasn't anything done to fix it before now?

With fanny and Freddy? Yes With Deregulation? No.

Remember the SNLs? Wow, we are in BIG TROUBLE and both parties are completely inept.