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San Francisco 49ers - TeamReport
Once he was back, the team began to play its best ball of the season, lending credence to the peaking-at-the-right-time mentality the team and fans shared alike. It wasn't a misguided notion. The 49ers had gone on the road and beaten Aaron Rodgers at 

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I, frankenstein: This efface to Mary Shelley stars Aaron Eckhart from "The Dark Knight" as the proverbial undead creation of Victor Frankenstein. What's different is that the The BOOK THIEF: In a lavish adaptation of Markus Zusak's best-seller

Lifting pediatric patients' spirits,0,5145047.story
Organization: Team Aaron Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to providing love, fun and happiness to children fighting cancer. One of its initiatives is Aaron's iPad Lending Library, which was started by Sarah and her mom, Deborah, after they saw the

Wells Fargo move acknowledges Lending Club as competitor
Wells Fargo move acknowledges Lending Club as competitor Some took the news as another sign that peer-to-peer lending is becoming a force to be reckoned with. "To be singled out by a bank of Wells Fargo's caliber is a bit of an honor," says Aaron Vermut, president of Prosper Marketplace, also based in San 

Aaron English, Like Smoke

Great song from Aaron English called like smoke I just wanted to share this one with everyone. Also if you have bad credit and need to fix it up ...

Crypto lending business tops $500 million, says Genesis Capital

One of the worst performing digital currencies this year. “Our data shows it has been natural holders, not short-sellers selling it,” said Moro.

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Bitcoin makes up 50% of the company’s lending portfolio and depending on counterparty and credit risk, it will cost around 12% per year to borrow bitcoin. However, while lenders are happy to hand over their crypto for a year or so, borrowers operate on a much shorter time frame. “Folks looking to short bitcoin usually have a price target and will often only hold the position for four or five days,” said Moro.

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The report comes just days after Fidelity Investments said it had launched a cryptocurrency business to service institutional and sophisticated investors, illustrating the growing interest across the investment spectrum—a trend that’s been at play for a while, according to Moro.

Data Dive: Walking The Walk Edition

There is an election in the U.S. tomorrow, a hotly contested one on many fronts. In the months leading up to it, the world has become a very talky place. And, until the ballots are all cast and counted, we will see a lot more conversation, but not much action, particularly on cable news.

Luckily for the news-hungry, payments and commerce has been the opposite of late – particularly as the last quarter of 2018 winds down. There’s been no shortage of recent action, and last week some of it was pretty direct. There wasn’t a lot of talking tough, but there sure was a lot of getting tough.

Walmart and Synchrony Are off to See the Judge

Breaking up, as the song says, is hard to do.

A week or so ago, we reported that  Synchrony no longer  wanted  Walmart’s  business. On Thursday morning, news broke that the nation’s largest retailer is suing its longtime credit card issuer, alleging breach of contract.

In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Arkansas on Thursday (Nov. 1), Walmart alleges that Synchrony used underwriting standards that  hurt Walmart financially, and is seeking damages of $800 million.

Simple Interest Question?

Please I need help with this question

Martha lent Aaron money 3 years ago at a simple interest rate of 14%. He repaid her in full plus interest of $399. How much did she lend him 3 years ago?

P = principal
I = interest earned annually

Want P + 3I = 399

Also, we know that I = 0.14P

So, P + 3(0.14)P = 399

1.42 P = 399

P = 399 / 1.