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Rise in 1st-time UK homebuyers
Bloomberg LONDON (Bloomberg)—The number of U.K. first-time homebuyers climbed to the highest in more than six years in December as the economy improved and people took advantage of the government's Help-to-Buy mortgage program, LSL Property 

AG wants to spread word about mortgage assistance
“We wanted to raise awareness and encourage people to take advantage of these funds,” Horne said. Palmer stressed one of the issues brought up during the meeting held at the Cochise College building was that realtors may not be The latter is a

Home Equity Loans Regain Popularity as Home Values Rise
“Gains in vehicle loans and fixed-rate 1st mortgages accounted for 87% of the $41 billion annual gain. Expect annual gains to average 7.0% through 2016 with a balance of consumer and real estate secured lending.” While the Stefani Moore, manager of

New bank grabbing talent
Indiana-based 1st Source, Lake City and Salin banks will also be in the hunt for new customers. And don't forget STAR and iAB Financial banks – both are based in Fort Wayne. That hometown tie was Tower's strongest selling point. But First Financial and

1st Advantage Mortgage - Rates 06-30-2008

Paul Lueken discusses the direction rates are heading over the summer and beyond.

State action highlights LO licensing risks for direct mortgage lenders

The two sides disagree on most points, but one of the few things they both concur on is that their dispute may not end with the administrative hearing on the matter that starts Tuesday.

In the meantime, the disagreement highlights potential risks lenders may overlook — that state interpretations of LO licensing rules could lead to staff changes with financial implications.

It's a concern in line with the pros and cons of licensing seen in several industries, where studies show that the regulatory scrutiny that provides consumer protection, and higher wages for licensed individuals, also reduces access to work and raises costs.

And it's a risk that could loom largest for small nondepository players, handing an advantage to larger banks.

Open to interpretation

Drawing up an exact definition of licensable activity for use in staffing direct lenders can be tough because state interpretations vary and often occur in the context of private supervisory matters.

Hot Seat: Austin Niemiec of Quicken Loans on partnering with mortgage brokers

This industry is more competitive than ever.  I think technology and expertise are most key as borrowers and realtors are looking for speed and reliability.

One of our powerful tools at QLMS is “The Answer.” It’s a multi-million-dollar technology platform we give our partners, for free. Think of it like having an underwriter at your fingertips at all times. Instead of thumbing through hundred-page guideline packets, or calling underwriters during business hours for answers, we’ve taken all the brainpower of our best experts and put them into a search tool that provides clarity in seconds, 24/7, 365.

You ask it questions, it gives you answers. Every day we see examples of partners approving loans that would have been denied because they checked The Answer and quickly learned of changes to the guidelines for the loan product they were offering.

Our technology also speeds up the process and makes things more transparent for loan officers. For example, we are unique in the fact that we take care of third-party vendor items for our partners, like VOEs, payoffs, homeowners insurance, etc.  Not only do we do the heavy lifting, we provide 24/7 status visibility of these items on our portal. We do the work, and partners are in the know all the time.

Is there an advantage to paying my mortgage payment on the 1st instead of the 10th of the month?

I currently pay my mortgage payment on about the 10th of the month> I'm wondering if I am paying any more interest by not paying it on the 1st when the bank says it is due, but not late.

Yes you are paying more interest when you pay it late. The principle is not decreasing until the 10th. So interest is being charged on that full amount from the 1st to the 10th.

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