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First Rate Financial Group Adds New Broker To Roster
(PRLEAP.COM) Westlake Village, CA - First Rate Financial Group is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Steve Patronete to our team of Ventura County mortgage brokers. Steve Patronete brings years of experience and a reputation for excellence to the 

Ruble weakens as emerging markets get hit, making Russians wary of costly ...
The dollar has hit 34 rubles for the first time since 2009. Is something Previous financial crises demonstrated the Central Bank was unable to properly manage interest rates when it was managing the exchange rate, he said in an interview. “Managing

The process of rate rises has to start earlier, not later
The process of rate rises has to start earlier, not later That may not sound spectacular in the context of the average economic growth in the UK economy of 3.3pc from 1982-2007, but we are in a “new normal” economy shaped by the financial crisis and the shift in global economic power to China, India and other

NC jobless rate plummets, but questions remain about strength of 'Carolina ...
But advocates for the poor argue that quirks in the way the unemployment rate is calculated distort the state's job market and paint an overly optimistic picture of the economy – not to mention glossing over the financial hardships faced by the jobless

Singapore Hot for Shakespeare

As the global financial crisis hits hard Broadway shows, more and more theatre productions are looking to Asia to stage their plays. We go to ...

Bankers Won't Forget Warren's Slurs

The day will come when politicians will no longer be allowed to hurl the most outrageous invective at Wall Street executives without being called to account for those remarks, and that will be a sad day indeed for the senior senator from Massachusetts. While just about any banker will do for Elizabeth Warren, she shows her teeth most enthusiastically for the executives of Wells Fargo , our fourth-largest bank. Earlier this week, Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan became the latest to walk the Via Dolorosa for bankers—a trip through the Senate Finance Committee hearing room where Warren awaited.

To the surprise of no one, La Liz demanded that Sloan be fired —for misconduct he did not engage in, and did not oversee, involving the unauthorized opening of accounts and purchasing of insurance products for unsuspecting Wells Fargo customers. “At best you were incompetent, at worst you were complicit,” she spat. “Either way, you should be fired.”

Sloan is a very decent man who has worked for Wells Fargo for 30 years, none of them in the retail banking division where the misdeeds took place. “Wells Fargo needs to start over,” Warren continued, “and that wont happen until the bank rids itself of people like you, who led it into this crisis.” How deep into the organization Warren envisions this guilt-by-seniority purge going, she did not divulge—except to proclaim that the employees who earn below an unspecified amount cannot be held responsible for their actions.

How to buy your first home - Oct. 12, 2017 - CNN Money

First and foremost, get your finances in order before skipping off to find your dream home. This means understanding your total income and what it can buy.

While there are lots of online calculators out there to give you some quick numbers, approach with caution.

"Calculators online can be deceiving in that they don't consider all expenses," says Brett Spencer, a financial planner with D3 Financial Counselors.

The general rule according to experts is to spend no more than 30 to 38% of your monthly (pre-tax) income on housing costs. This includes all costs involved in homeownership -- from monthly loan payments to insurance. But you may need to err on the conservative side if your expenses are high.

Next you'll need to figure out exactly how much you should have saved.

Sure, you'll need enough to afford a down payment on the house -- typically about 20% of the purchase price. In some cases you might be able to put down significantly less, though you'll probably be required to pay mortgage insurance as well.

Madison First Financial ( for a home mortage refinance?

Is anyone familiar with Madison First Financial ( and had any experience with this company?

Are they a first rate company with a good reputation? Has anyone used them or known someone that used them for a mortgage?

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