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Complaints by residents, officials reveal frustration with city tax collector ...
Kenney, 53, has lived in Torrington for 25 years, and said that after he tried to pay his sewer taxes in June, he was notified that his mortgage company, Bank of America, had already paid the taxes. He was told by someone in the tax collector's office

Erie County Real Estate Transactions
546 Hewitt Ave., Sylus Llc; Mark C. Rodgers to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $10,800. • 212 Maurice, City of Buffalo to William Rios Perez, $10,000. • 519 Utica East, Brent Eaton to M&M Dearot Inc., $10,000. • 53 Hawley St., Phillip John

Stonegate Mortgage Corporation Opens New Office Center In Scottsdale, Arizona
To assist Stonegate Mortgage in its Arizona expansion, the Industrial Development Authority of the City of Scottsdale offered support for recruitment of local employees through job training assistance funds. “We are excited to be able to put fee

St. Charles Parish real estate transfers
Edgewood Lane 260, Standard Mortgage Corporation to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $269,194.17. Evangeline City Subdivision, Square 2, Lots 41-50: Leroy K. Branch, Jr. and others to Errol J. Falterman, $45,000. NEW SARPY. New Sarpy 

Nate Davis Plant City Mortgage Tampa Bay Mortgage Information and Tips Video Nate Davis, President of Plant City Mortgage, discussing some of the unique things that Plant City Mortgage does that ...

Depression-Era Redlining Leaves Parts Of Durham Less Green

Through a process that came to be known as ‘redlining’, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation program in the 1930s delineated regions deemed too risky for federal mortgage assistance, areas that were largely minority and low-income neighborhoods.

These maps were also used by the City of Durham to direct tree-planting programs, resulting in lush canopies in wealthy white neighborhoods and sparse plantings in East Durham.

Greg Cooper, a master's student in environmental management and forestry at Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, co-authored a report examining how this trend persists in Durham today. According to the report, East Durham has 40 percent less tree canopy coverage than traditionally higher-income neighborhoods like Trinity Park, a direct result of redlining.

The report concludes the lack of trees negatively impacts the quality of life in these neighborhoods. Trees are more than just ornamental, as numerous studies show they offer measurable health and environmental benefits in residential areas.

Calgary's housing market continuing to falter

Toronto and Vancouver are continuing to see sky-high housing prices, but Calgary’s housing market is continuing to fall.

For the fifth consecutive month, the average price of a Calgary home has dropped.

It was down half a percent from last month.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, prices in the city won’t recover until 2017.

The CMHC estimates the average price will jump about $10,000 to $455,000 at that time.

Some experts do admit that houses are sitting on the market for a bit longer as of late, but say the slow down isn’t expected to continue much longer.

“We haven’t seen the fire sale conditions here that I think many might have predicted for us given what we’ve been through,” said Brett Turner with Redline Real Estate Group. “As we see the stability in the oil market and the employment picture beyond that, we’ll see continued strengthening in our housing market.”

On Thursday, the Bank of Canada issued a warning that housing prices in Toronto and Vancouver are unsustainable given economic foundations.

MGIC has one couple of employees who are African American or black while 40% of Milwaukee is black?

I have inside information from employees who works at MGIC or Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.