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Seahawks players look ahead to big endorsement deals as they march toward ...
Wilson late last year added Microsoft and Alaska Airlines to endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi and insurance company American Family, said his agent, Mark Rodgers. “Russell has begun to create a To endure not only must one be “perceived to be the

Iowa, New Hampshire Retaining Current Primary Order Under Republican Party ...
South Carolina and Nevada would also secure top spots, as they have in the past, as part of a larger plan that would significantly shorten the GOP's presidential selection process. Friday's vote comes as the Republican National Committee works to

Democrats Seize On Mike Huckabee Comments About Contraception
WASHINGTON (AP) — Mike Huckabee's comments about contraception proved quick fodder for Democrats and a headache for Republicans trying to market themselves as a better choice for female voters who have proved elusive to the GOP. The former 

Wells Fargo Makes Move to Strengthen Insurance Markets & Partnerships with ...
Wells Fargo Makes Move to Strengthen Insurance Markets & Partnerships with ... Recently named North America's Best Insurance Broker by Global Finance Magazine¹, Wells Fargo Insurance provides solutions for a wide range of customers, including retail consumers, high net worth individuals, small businesses, as well as middle market

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Summer house projects and the best laid plans

Got summer project plans? I sure do! Before we start this conversation, however, y’all should know: I am a summer project over-achiever.

We bought our house in Brevard, North Carolina—a 1,600 square foot, 1948 bungalow with one bathroom (have I perhaps mentioned the one bathroom before?)—in 2005. We’d been married less than a year, and the house itself was the first either of us had purchased: by far the biggest, scariest commitment (besides getting married) my husband and I had ever made.

I remember with distinct clarity sitting in the high-ceilinged lawyer’s office as he drew up our 30-year mortgage. Thirty years! I gnawed, nervous, at the pad of my thumb, and said something really adult-like. Something like, “Oh my gosh, I’ll be 50-something in thirty years.”

The house had been owned by only a few different people, the last being a young woman who’d rented it out and then had attempted to “update” it, along with her boyfriend, before she sold it. Let’s just say, the place needed to be the recipient of some elbow grease and love. Perfect for a summer project!

Jason Chaffetz Prepares to Cash In

After weeks of rumors about his abrupt resignation from Congress, Jason Chaffetz is just two days away from shedding his identity as the representative for Utah’s third district, handing over his gavel for the House Oversight Committee, and re-entering the public sphere as a private citizen. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll be any less visible. Chaffetz may be getting less air time on C-SPAN, but he’ll soon become a familiar face on Fox News, where he’ll have a new platform to reach millions and, presumably, a solid paycheck to go with it.

Fox News confirmed reports on Wednesday that Chaffetz, whose last day in Congress is June 30, will become a contributor on July 1, “offer[ing] political analysis across FNC and FOX Business Network’s (FBN) daytime and primetime programming.” The new gig is the first of several Chaffetz has suggested he’d like to land in order

Declined for BofA Alaska Airlines card?

Just got declined for a credit card for the following reasons:
You do not have a sufficient number of credit references and you do not have sufficient established revolving credit accounts.

Yes, you can contact a Credit Analyst for Bank of America and ask for a Reconsideration. I'll include a link to the numbers. This allows a credit specialist to manually review your application/info.