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George Osborne switches mortgage to exclusive bank on the CHEAP while ...
George Osborne switches mortgage to exclusive bank on the CHEAP while ... More than a million people worry what will happen when the time comes to pay off their mortgages – and they are not rich enough to take advantage of the benefits of RBC. There are currently 2.6million Brits with interest-only mortgages and the

Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation,0,4780686.story
By driving interest rates down to historic lows, the Fed chairman helped fuel a huge surge in the stock market, where the wealthiest 1% of Americans have been far better positioned to take advantage of gains than their less affluent fellow citizens. To

A troubled home is sold on the North Side
A troubled home is sold on the North Side Some neighborhoods, such as Willard Hay and Near North, saw significant gains in median sales prices in 2013 as investors swooped in to take advantage of some of the lowest-cost housing in the metro area. But in Jordan, home of 1611 Hillside, the

Holidays not the only factor in consumers' massive debt struggles
Mary Loftus is a vice president of Advantage Credit Card Counseling Service, which works with clients who have “much higher” than average credit card debt. Observer-Reporter Order a Print. Madeline Innis leads a financial fitness class According to

Advantage Mortgage Consulting Award Ceremony 2005

4 Fast Facts About Why You Should Make Biweekly Payments on Your Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, you know that traditional payment schedules consist of a monthly payment that includes principal, interest, property taxes, homeowners insurance and possibly mortgage insurance. Together with the loan term you chose, these components determine what your monthly mortgage payment will be.

Depending on the above components, it can feel like a big monthly payment that can seem overwhelming when it hits you all at once. It’s for this very reason that some homeowners choose a more manageable monthly payment program, where the monthly payment amount is broken into biweekly payments.

Before you decide whether or not you want to enroll in biweekly mortgage payments , check out our four fast facts about the benefits of biweekly payments. (Spoiler alert: You can save thousands and pay off your mortgage faster!

Judge Rejects Orange County Mortgage Swindler's Request For Leniency

Using Youtube and Internet sales pitches from 2011 to March 2016, the defendant claimed he could reduce peoples' mortgage payments, directed targets to send monthly checks to him as a middleman negotiator for modified deals and, instead of working with lenders, deposited more than $2.4 million of those funds into his personal bank accounts.

Part of Rasher's ruse involved falsely portraying himself as a licensed attorney as well as an official with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and using HUD in the name of one of his fraudulent websites, according to DOJ officials.

FBI agents reported Rasher, who leased a $10,200 per month home, adopted aliases such as Kevin Fox, Kevin Carter and David Henry Lopez.

One victim told Staton that the swindler presented himself as a "reputable person who had our best interests in mind," but turned out to be "a heartless criminal," who caused "serious psychological and financial" harm.

"[Rasher] knowingly took advantage of our predicament to seek personal gain," he stated.

Advantage Florida Mortgage would like to know how many days can the approval process take?

Advantage Florida Mortgage would like to know how long does the approval process take?

Approval process today takes prox., 2 weeks, or from 10-14 working days. Banks taking there times today. Good Luck!