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George Osborne switches mortgage to exclusive bank on the CHEAP while ...
George Osborne switches mortgage to exclusive bank on the CHEAP while ... More than a million people worry what will happen when the time comes to pay off their mortgages – and they are not rich enough to take advantage of the benefits of RBC. There are currently 2.6million Brits with interest-only mortgages and the

Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation,0,4780686.story
By driving interest rates down to historic lows, the Fed chairman helped fuel a huge surge in the stock market, where the wealthiest 1% of Americans have been far better positioned to take advantage of gains than their less affluent fellow citizens. To

A troubled home is sold on the North Side
A troubled home is sold on the North Side Some neighborhoods, such as Willard Hay and Near North, saw significant gains in median sales prices in 2013 as investors swooped in to take advantage of some of the lowest-cost housing in the metro area. But in Jordan, home of 1611 Hillside, the

Holidays not the only factor in consumers' massive debt struggles
Mary Loftus is a vice president of Advantage Credit Card Counseling Service, which works with clients who have “much higher” than average credit card debt. Observer-Reporter Order a Print. Madeline Innis leads a financial fitness class According to

Advantage Mortgage Consulting Award Ceremony 2005

Pre-Holiday Mortgage Applications Dip Slightly, Rates Flat


The distribution of applications across product type shifted slightly.  The FHA share was unchanged at 10.2 percent, but the VA share inched down from 10.5 percent to 10.0 percent and the USDA share ticked up to 0.8 percent from 0.7 percent.

Mortgage rates continued to drift. The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages (FRM) with conforming loan balances of $453,100 or less increased to 4.80 percent from 4.78 percent.  Points declined to 0.43 from 0.46, leaving the effective rate unchanged.

Jumbo 30-year FRM , loans with balances exceeding the conforming rate, had an average rate of 4.67 percent, down 1 basis point from the prior week.  Points were unchanged at 0.30, and the effective rate was down.

The rate for 30-year FRM backed by the FHA increased to 4.79 percent with 0.69 point from 4.77 percent with 0.75 point. The effective rate was unchanged from last week.

TRK Connection Add Industry-Leading Reverification Functionality to Insight RDM Mortgage QC Platform

Using Insight RDM’s eSign capabilities, external sources (employers, financial institutions, etc.) can electronically complete re-verification documents, eliminating the need to print and mail (or fax) outbound documents and scan and attach inbound documents while also providing a more secure method of document delivery, completion and return.

“Lenders’ digital mortgage efforts shouldn’t stop at the closing table,” said Teri Sundh, CEO of TRK Connection. “Insight RDM is the first mortgage QC platform to offer its users full eSign capabilities so that they can continue to operate electronically and take advantage of the efficiency and cost-savings benefits inherent in a digital mortgage environment.”

For those institutions that still receive re-verification documents in paper format, Insight’s bulk document indexing feature Redex™ helps lenders and audit firms streamline their re-verification process using electronic batch processing. With Redex, lenders and audit firms can electronically ingest returned re-verification documents in bulk, and from there, the system sorts, organizes and indexes the documents and then automatically attaches them to their associated loan files.

Advantage Florida Mortgage would like to know how many days can the approval process take?

Advantage Florida Mortgage would like to know how long does the approval process take?

Approval process today takes prox., 2 weeks, or from 10-14 working days. Banks taking there times today. Good Luck!