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Mortgage-Backed Securities I

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Wood can't catch a break; Beware Baffert's other in Santa Anita Derby

Re: Vindication

TJ, What has gotten worse Tom is the basic morality deficit that has expanded within the entire racing industry.  At this point, I would like to highlight the statements Mark & John recently posted regarding the TJC’s inaction in their latest Dealer’s Choice article once more.

“[The Jockey Club has] had every opportunity to educate themselves and haven’t bothered, and there is no mention of any strategy to deal with it in the white paper (The Jockey Club’s recent white paper on its vison for 2050).”

TJC President Jim Gagliano and Executive Director Matt Iuliano said they were unaware of any notification and that it is something not routinely tested for, though Iuliano admitted to seeing a reference to it on the UC Davis VGL website. “We have no authority over the necropsy program,” explained Iuliano.

Subsequent to the previous statement, Iuliano later recalled that his memory was incorrect and that he did receive notification from UC Davis as per contract.

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