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Ocwen Financial Providing Significant Mortgage Principle Reductions to Idaho ...
(Source: Attorney General Lawrence Wasden) – Ocwen Financial Corporation will provide Idaho borrowers with an estimated $3.7 million in first lien mortgage principal reductions, under terms of a legal settlement, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said.

First Horizon National Corporation (FHN): First Horizon Still Muddling, But ...
First Horizon did reach an agreement in principle with Fannie Mae for mortgage repurchases in the third quarter of 2013, and there were no additional provisions for that this time around. The overall pipeline of requests declined sequentially by more

N Is for Neo-Serfdom, O for Offshore Banking
N Is for Neo-Serfdom, O for Offshore Banking In principle, over-depreciation is supposed to be reported upon sale as retroactive income earned. We hope you made a killing on your home, so that you can refinance your mortgage or take out an equity loan to keep up your consumption spending.”).

Mixed signals being sent out in explosion of data tracking
Mixed signals being sent out in explosion of data tracking If we deviate from this constant quality principle and allow the basket to contain a different mix of items in each period, we can no longer tell whether a price increase is due to an underlying change in market conditions or due to compositional

Principle Mortgage Group

Cass Fahler, President of Principle Mortgage Group, discusses the origins of Principle Mortgage Group, their experience in the industry, and what ...

Private insurance plays a critical part in home mortgage ecosystem

The nominee for director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Mark Calabria, recently appeared before the Senate Banking Committee as part of his confirmation process. He's an individual who appreciates the benefits that private mortgage insurance extends beyond protecting the government and taxpayers.

Private mortgage insurance remains the longest serving, time-tested way to help low down-payment borrowers qualify for home financing in the conventional market.

Our nation’s mortgage finance system is one that must balance access to credit for consumers while also shielding taxpayers. Fortunately, private mortgage insurance is uniquely and permanently dedicated to serving both objectives through all economic cycles. As such, it should remain a critical piece of any future, reformed system.

Access to affordable, low down-payment mortgages is understandably top-of-mind for many policymakers. While there is an important role for government and taxpayer-backed programs to play in the broader system, any comprehensive reform should first encourage the greater use of private capital that ensures access to affordable low down-payment mortgages in the conventional market.

Mitsotakis Wants Mortgage Rate Cuts for Paying Homeowners

ATHENS – With the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA working on a plan to protect some homeowners from having their primary residences seized by banks for being unable to pay their mortgages, major opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants people who are paying to get a discount on their interest rates.

Leading big in polls with elections coming this year, Mitsotakis said Greece’s four major systemic banks should give paying customers keeping up to date on their mortgages a cut in what they pay because the SYRIZA plan would subsidized up to one-third the monthly payments of those who aren’t.

His proposal to banks’ CEOs was for a reasonable reduction of the interest rate on mortgages held by dependable lenders for conscientious borrowers, with the framework of criteria to agreed to by the government and the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) the business newspaper Naftemporiki said.

“We fully acknowledge the need for a framework of protection to exist for those (borrowers) that are truly in need, but we also want to discuss with you, how and in what manner to reward the borrowers, who amid the crisis and with great pain, were able to remain consistent vis-a-vis their obligations towards banks,” said Mitsotakis.

Do you still have alternative choice after having a mortgage in principle?

It is said that you should get a mortgage in principle before looking for a property. But does it mean that you can get back only to the lender who gave you the mortgage in principle? If you have found your desired house, can you find another lender?

I think you mean a pre-qualification, which is an indication to the seller, that someone will actually lend you $$ and you are not wasting the sellers time.