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Bomber suspect Cesar Sayoc was victim of Wall Street’s fraudulent foreclosure grindhouse

Since the looters were never held to account in the years that followed, victims of the housing bubble and subsequent foreclosure fraud boom had cause to wonder whether the government even cared that they’d been screwed. Such resentment can curdle fast, as people who felt like they’d finally made it discovered they’d been cheated, were worse off than before, and had no prospect of being rescued, let alone made whole.

Property records from the period surrounding Sayoc’s ill-fated attempt to become a homeowner illustrate just how close he must have felt he was to attaining the kind of long-lasting financial stability and quality-of-life gains that working-class buyers chased endlessly as bankers puffed the housing bubble up to impossible and devastating proportions.

The house Sayoc paid $400,000 for had been appraised at less than a quarter that value in 2002, according to Broward County property records.

PMG, Raven plan $1B worth of co-living units

“Our product provides incredible value to our customers,” he said, noting that unlike companies like Ollie or Common, PMG is both an owner and operator of co-living properties.

According to Gottlieb, PMG isn’t trying to create a niche market. “We are intent on cannibalizing the existing apartment universe,” he said, by developing luxury units that can be rented by the bedroom. Ryan Shear leads X Social Communities.

Between 20 percent to 50 percent of units in each development have a “Rent by the Bedroom” component. “It’s important for our customers to be able to graduate within our building,” Gottlieb said.

Last year , PMG became one of the first major developers to jump into co-living — a segment of the market mostly dominated by specialized companies until now. It currently offers co-living at the 120-unit X Logan Square in Chicago, the 99-unit X Chicago and the 464-unit X Miami.

Planned apartments include the 650-unit X Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale and the 220-unit X Denver, both set to open in 2020. Other projects are in the works in Orlando, Phoenix and Oakland.

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