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PenFed Now Offering Mortgage Harmony Corp's "One Click” Rate Reset Protection
PenFed Now Offering Mortgage Harmony Corp's "One Click” Rate Reset Protection Mortgage Harmony Corp., the provider of Loan Retention Software (LRS™) and the HarmonyLoan™, announced today that PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union), the third largest credit union in the U.S., has added Mortgage Harmony's "one click" Rate 

Mortgage Refinance Company Targets N100bn Capital
Also remarking, the interim Managing Director for the mortgage refinance company, Mr. Sonnie Ayere, noted: “NMRC intends to strengthen its Tier 1 Capital base to efficiently leverage the credit support of the $250 Subordinated Tier 2 Capital from the

Interest-only loans a holdover from housing bubble era
Most of the risky mortgages that triggered the financial crisis have disappeared from the marketplace, and lenders will have even more reason to avoid them because of a new federal crackdown on loose lending. But one housing-bubble favorite — the 

Bernanke leaves legacy of stimulus and stagnation,0,4780686.story
On one hand, his unprecedented efforts to drive down interest rates and stimulate the economy are widely credited by his peers with saving the nation from a second Depression, strengthening the economic recovery and leaving the nation's financial

Lesson One: What is a Company? - Financial Aid with Professor Birdthistle

Lesson One: What is a Company? See also: Introduction Lesson 2: What is a Bank? Lesson 3: What is Debt? Lesson 4: What is Equity? Lesson 5: What ...

Past Performance Watch on This Stock: Capstead Mortgage Corporation (NYSE:CMO): One Month High at 7.94

Investors are constantly trying to make smart moves in the stock market. Taking stock of personal strengths and weaknesses can help the investor attack the market with heightened focus. Often times, individuals may fall into traps that could have been avoided. Coming up with a sound investment plan and setting realistic expectations may help the novice investor become better prepared and focused. Positive returns are attainable with the proper preparation and dedication. Investors working with a longer-term plan might be approaching the stock market from a completely different angle than a shorter-term trader. Investors who plan to be in the market for a long period of time may not be as concerned about the day to day fluctuations as short-term traders. 

Scanning the levels on shares of Capstead Mortgage Corporation (NYSE:CMO), investors might be seeing how close the current price is in relation to some historical high and low prices. Looking out over the previous 3 months, we note that the high/low is 7.94/6.58. Over the past 1 month, the high/low is 7.94/7.06. Looking back over the last full-year, the high price is 9.37, and the low price sits at 6.58. For the last six months, the high was seen at 8.62, and the low was noted at 6.58.

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AGM-A)'s Financial Results Comparing With Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE:COF)

For the past year Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation’s stock price has bigger decline than Capital One Financial Corporation.


Capital One Financial Corporation beats Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation on 11 of the 15 factors.

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation provides a secondary market for various loans made to borrowers in the United States. It operates through four segments: Farm & Ranch, USDA Guarantees, Rural Utilities, and Institutional Credit. The Farm & Ranch segment purchases and retains eligible mortgage loans that are secured by first liens on agricultural real estate; securitizes eligible mortgage loans, and guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest on securities representing interests in or obligations secured by pools of mortgage loans; and issues long-term standby purchase commitments on designated eligible mortgage loans. The USDA Guarantees segment purchases portions of certain agricultural, rural development, business and industry, and community facilities loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Rural Utilities segment purchases and guarantees securities that are backed by eligible rural electric and telephone loans. The Institutional Credit segment engages in purchasing and guaranteeing general obligations of institutions that are secured by types of loans eligible under the Farm & Ranch, USDA Guarantees, or Rural Utilities lines of business. Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia.

How can I find information on Bank One Mortgage Corporation just before they became Chase Home finance?

The best place to find archived company information is Hoovers Business Database:

I am a buiness librarian and I use Hoovers all the time for researchinh historical business data.