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New Mortgage Rules For California Borrowers Explained
Under the new Ability-to-Repay Rule, mortgage lenders must look at customers' income, assets, savings, and debt, and weigh those against the monthly payments over the long term – not just a teaser or introductory rate period. As long as they check the 

The rich are different -- they still get interest-only mortgages,0,7524049.story
The rich are different -- they still get interest-only mortgages Many banks that lend in high-end California markets plan to keep making these loans for affluent clients who want them. Often these are self-employed people capable of maintaining fat bank accounts while making sizable down payments, borrowers the 

Bankruptcy May Not Be Best Option for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders
San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- According to mortgage expert Maggie Puccini, a borrower files a bankruptcy proceeding to stop a foreclosure since the filing results in an automatic stay that prevents creditors from pursuing the borrower

New Mortgage Rules Mean Tighter Requirements For CA Home Loan Borrowers
New Mortgage Rules Mean Tighter Requirements For CA Home Loan Borrowers The Blue Loan Services team of mortgage professionals operates with the goal to provide home loans to its clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. The company also does its best to inform borrowers of any

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Reverse Mortgage Funding Looks to Attract 'Forward' Brokers with New Software

The engine is part of RMF’s plan to target originators who might be interested in working in both the forward and reverse worlds, national sales leader Mark O’Neil told RMD.

“This one was another grow-the-industry initiative,” O’Neil said. “We feel that not only will LQ make reverse mortgage specialists’ jobs quicker and easier, we feel that this engine will make the HECM program more accessible to traditional ‘forward’ originators.”

RMF spent more than a year working on the software, O’Neil said, and rolled it out to wholesale partners last week after its own retail employees had been using it for several months. It’s the most recent milestone for the company’s outreach strategy, which included the announcement of a new HECM for Purchase training program last week and a new television ad  that seeks to demystify the reverse mortgage brand in the eyes of the average older American.

Of course, RMF isn’t alone in the “forward” play. C2 Financial, California’s largest mortgage broker, launched a HECM education program of its own last month as part of a push toward “generational lending” — the idea that a single broker offering both forward and reverse products can develop long-lasting relationships with borrowers and their families that result in multiple loans.

Wells Fargo stuck mortgage borrowers with extra fees, whistle-blower's lawsuit says

Wells Fargo is by far the nation’s largest mortgage lender, originating $244 billion in home loans last year, or about 12% of all U.S. mortgages. Bank spokesman Tom Goyda said he could not comment on Alaniz’s lawsuit but that the bank is reviewing “questions that have been raised about past practices” related to rate-lock fees.

Alaniz and other former Wells Fargo bankers have said the practice of improperly shifting rate-lock fees to borrowers was a problem in Southern California, and it’s not clear whether problems were more widespread. The bank has parted ways with several mortgage executives, including its former national sales manager and two regional managers who oversaw mortgage operations in California, Nevada and Oregon.

Last month, the bank announced it had promoted Liz Bryant to head of mortgage sales, replacing former leader Greg Gwizdz. The bank at that time said that Gwizdz, along with the two former regional sales managers, were no longer with the bank. An L.A. regional manager, Tom Swanson, who was mentioned in Alaniz’s suit, left the bank in March.

which mortgage lenders service California and dont execute a irs 4506 form?

my loan guy says now they have to execute the form, but certain lenders are not required to?
i understand you have to fill one out but certain lenders are in states where they dont have to actually check them.

You will want to get a NIV (no income verification) loan that does not require a 4506T rather than a stated income loan that does require it.

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