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Wells Fargo to sell servicing rights to $39 billion in home loans
Wells Fargo to sell servicing rights to $39 billion in home loans () - Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) said on Wednesday that it would sell Ocwen Financial Corp (OCN.N) the right to collect payments on 184,000 home loans representing roughly 2 percent of its residential portfolio. The total principal balance on the

Indian banks seek refuge in home loans, crowd onto HDFC's mortgage turf
SBI, ICICI, other lenders expect to grow home loans by 18-25 pct. * Intensifying competition in home loans segment threatens margins. By Swati Pandey and Aditi Shah. MUMBAI, Jan 22 () - Indian mortgage lender Housing Development Finance Corp 

Shift in home loan market causes jitters in South
Last fall's conjecture from the financial services sector that new rules coming out of Washington could jeopardize certain types of home mortgage lending is proving correct. The writing went up on the wall with last November's Consumer Finance

Banks again pitching home equity loans
In home equity lending, homeowners may borrow a fixed amount of money based on how much equity they have in their property. Borrowers may choose a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. The funds are often used for home improvements, 

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Loan officers cast serious doubt on latest loanDepot, Chase mortgage promises

More marketing schtick! I’ve been originating loans for over 33 years. In that time I’ve moved 4 times. With two dogs, a teenager, a working spouse and a very busy life, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to even think about moving in 21 days, much less 8! Every originator and Realtor knows when human beings are in the process of buying a home and moving they go from a rational level headed existence to an emotional roller coaster. We leave the tea-cup ride at Disney and head directly to Space Mountain. Now we want to suggest they do so and bring all their belongings with them? I tell Realtors all the time. Schedule a 45 day close and be prepared for the smoothest transaction, great results, happy clients and future referrals. I can close in two weeks now. It’s a carnival show every time. The homebuyers and sellers are stressed not so much do to the process, but due to compressing their lives into a ridiculous window of time. Hell it takes me a couple of days to find my car keys sometimes, you want me to move my family in 8?? Thanks but uh, no.

How can the average american refinance with the decline in home values and closing costs from the lenders?

There doesn't seem to be an incentive for the American who is making their mortgage payments on time, has no value in their home and can't refinance because of value and closing costs. Don't you think this problem is only going to get worse?

Many cannot refinance because of how tight lending restrictions are right now.

It might be worse down the road, plenty of "experts" are telling home owners to stop fighting and let the house go back to bank.