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Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign Widens the Creative Horizon
Platteville, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Funding creative projects has and continues to be the sole focus of the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Kickstarter employs a very straightforward approach to gathering funds from interested investors.

A new horizon for African-European research links
On 11 December, the European Commission finally released the detailed topics and budgets available for the first two years of Horizon 2020, the EU's eighth research and innovation funding package, worth nearly €80 billion (around US$110 billion) in

Advocates for seniors see crisis on the horizon
This year, one of the council's priorities is advocating more funding for home-based services. Many people on the waiting list are not poor enough to be Medicare eligible, yet they can't afford the full cost of the home services they need. Care in the

Horizon 2020: Rediscovering the 'European added value'
Horizon 2020 will fund not just the best fundamental research, but also applied research and innovation, bringing in small and large companies, as well as growth and jobs. For me, the two most important themes are simplification and coherence.

Per Pupil Funding

The Goldwater Institute's Matthew Ladner appeared on PBS's Horizon to explain how Arizona is spending more on education than is reported ...

EU-funded scientists unveil first ever image of a black hole

The first ever observation of a black hole is the result of the large scale international research collaboration Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), where EU-funded researchers have played a key role. This major scientific achievement marks a paradigm shift in our understanding of black holes, confirms the predictions of Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and opens up new lines of enquiry into our universe. The first image of a black hole successfully captured was unveiled in six simultaneous press conferences across the globe today.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas , responsible for Research, Science, and Innovation, said: “Fiction often inspires science, and black holes have long fuelled our dreams and curiosity. Today, thanks to the contribution of European scientists, the existence of black holes is no longer just a theoretical concept. This amazing discovery proves again how working together with partners around the world can lead to achieving the unthinkable and moving the horizons of our knowledge.

Mutual funds portfolio for Aggressive investment with 3 year time horizon?


Any suggestions on what to add to a Mutual funds (preferably no load) portfolio for Aggressive investment with 3 year time horizon?

Hypothetical amount would be U$ 20k to allow more options.

I'm with the previous answerer - 3 years is too short of a time horizon. There's too much risk in the short term.

If you still want to gamble, then any diversified stock fund will do.