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ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE: Assigned to: GMAC Mortgage, LLC. Dated October 27, 2011 Recorded November 28, 2011, as Document No. 3863793. And thereafter assigned to: Green Tree Servicing LLC. Dated June 25, 2013 Recorded June 26, 2013, 

Foreclosed Homeowners Receiving Big Checks In Florida
national settlement was announced in 2012 by Attorney General Pam Bondi, 48 states and the U.S. Department of Justice with the five largest mortgage servicers—Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Ally Bank, formerly GMAC.

Foreclosure Settlement Still Failing 700000 Families One Year Later
That hasn't happened, either. She and her husband are actually paying $500 more a month on their home mortgage than they did when they refinanced with Ally Financial, then known as GMAC Mortgage, at the peak of the foreclosure epidemic, she said.

Ally bailout not a total blowout win for Uncle Sam
So it was a departure from form when I wrote six months ago that, confounding expectations, the government was going to come out way ahead on the $17.2 billion of taxpayer money that it spent to bail out Ally Financial, formerly GMAC, General Motors

Making Home Affordable ? GMAC Mortgage Lies or Mistakes ? MikeJaegerLive

GMAC Mortgage Lies or Mistakes ? MikeJaegerLive. Making Home Affordable? With foreclosure looming accuate comunication could help. Do not trust ...

Do You Think You Understand a Statute of Limitations? Think Again!

Statutes of limitations are devious creatures. You may look at one and remember "six months" or "two years," but the amount of time is not the only important part. Equally important is when the time starts running. "Within two years after the maturity of the debt" is very different from "within two years after the most recent payment." These statutes are often ambiguous, leaving courts to fill in the blanks, as one mortgage holder recently learned first-hand in Indiana.

Alkhemer Alialy took out a mortgage from GMAC Mortgage LLC in June 2007. Alialy stopped paying after July 28, 2008. GMAC assigned the loan to Collins Asset Group. Alialy did not make a payment to Collins. Collins accelerated on October 24, 2016, and sued to foreclose in Indiana Superior Court. Alialy moved to dismiss for failure to state a claim. Alialy argued that Collins's lawsuit was outside the six-year limitations period for a suit on a promissory note under Ind. Code Ann. § 34-11-2-9. The trial court granted Alialy's motion. Collins appealed to the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Ally Financial getting back into mortgage business

Ally's Chief Communications Officer Gina Proia told HousingWire that as part of the company's plans to "deepen our customer relationships and build upon our distinctive brand," the company plans to roll out several new programs in 2016.

One of those programs will be doing a "limited amount of direct mortgage originations."

Proia said that Ally does not plan on building a mortgage servicing operation and does not plan to hold mortgage servicing rights on its balance sheet. Proia also said that Ally does not plan to securitize any mortgage loans. 

Proia said that the move is borne out of a desire to meet the needs of Ally's customer base and offer some "modest diversification."

Proia said that Ally is "focused on a straightforward mortgage offering on a limited scale and delivered in a high quality manner consistent with our brand." 

GMAC’s ResCap was once of the nation’s top subprime lenders, but eventually GMAC and ResCap began dragging down Ally’s business, with ResCap eventually falling into bankruptcy .

Where can I get the phone number for the GMAC mortgage company foreclosed homes department?

I am interested in buying a house that is being foreclosed on by GMAC. I can't seem to get into to contact with anyone from the company regarding this. Does anyone have a phone number?

GMAC will not deal directly with consumers, find the address of the prorperty you r interested; and check if the property already been sold the only way to look at it is thru a title company so your agent will know.