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CFIC Bob 1

This is the first of several short Bob animations that I created for a corporate presentation. They emulate the Enzyte commercials of recent years.

Decision to take Wise guy under wing seems unwise

Savings-and-loan villain and convicted criminal Michael Wise is out of prison and back in business.

I called Wise, 62, at his office in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he’s involved with a firm called CFIC Home Mortgage, which boasts about 350 branches in 48 states.

“I have no interest in talking with you,” the former chairman of Denver’s failed Silverado Banking said. “I have nothing to talk with you about.”

I was crestfallen. There was so much I wanted to ask Wise – such as, do loan applicants know that a convicted felon is working for their mortgage brokerage firm? But Wise was too wise for me.

So I called Wise’s boss, Chris Likens, owner of Prairie Village, Kan.-based Nations Holding Co., the parent of CFIC Mortgage. Likens is a notable philanthropist and businessman who owns the Kansas City Brigade arena football team.

“I think everybody deserves a second break,” Likens explained.