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Montello launches £250m Real Estate Opportunity Fund
Montello has joined up with global real estate and fund professionals CBRE which will act as transaction manager, while Luxembourg Fund Partners and Apex Fund Services are assisting with the operation and administration of the Fund. The Fund is audited 

The Visible Edge Of Economic Reason [SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, PowerShares ...
It's that day of the month when the apex of silly attention gets focused on the BLS. Just in time to directly contradict the FOMC's "careful" What is more likely, particularly given any number of parallel economic accounts, that the economy has a

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RBI to set up task force on corporate loans' secondary market

"Presently, the secondary market for corporate loans in India is dominated by transactions of banks in non-performing assets and is constrained by sparse information on pricing and recovery rates," it said.

The apex bank said that among other steps, the task force would explore measures on loan contract standards, digital loan contract registry, ease of due diligence and verification by potential loan buyers, online platform for loan sales or auctions, and an accessible archive of historical market data on bids and sale prices for loans.

In the secondary market, loans are sold to asset restructuring companies (ARC) and private equity (PE) funds, alternative investment funds (AIF) among others. The secondary market for loans can be an important mechanism for credit intermediaries to manage credit risk and liquidity risk on their balance-sheets, especially for distressed assets.

Loan sales can facilitate risk transfer across intermediaries that originate credit (such as banks and non-banking financial companies) as well as from credit originators to intermediaries such as Asset Restructuring Companies (ARCs), Private Equity (PE) funds, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), RBI said.

I-Team: As developers take lead on installing Apex traffic lights, neighbors' only option is to wait

"You just have to put up two poles, electricity and put the lights up - I don't know what the problem is," neighbor Russ Decourcy quips to the ABC11 I-Team . "This has been months and months and months."

The intersection resembles many others in the Triangle: a crossroads of new developments and a short distance away from new supermarkets and budding shopping centers. According to police, officers responded to at least eight serious crashes at the intersection last year, which prompted the move to block the left turn.

At first, police set up cones and a big sign, but that didn't appear to stop anyone . In the first month alone, officers issued at least 154 citations to drivers who attempted to make the illegal turn. By June, the number reached 181.

"It's treacherous," Decourcy said. "We need that light."

Kelly Road is a state-managed thoroughfare, and thus the North Carolina Department of Transportation must approve any proposed changes. According

When do you think the mortgage crisis will reach its apex?

With 65,000 and still counting, how many more will lose their jobs to the mortgage crisis?

2 of the 13 largest lending companies have already filed for bankruptcy.

Who should be held accountable?

BOTH. it's so distressing cause I bought my house a year and a half ago and now the market dropped and it's worth 30 thousand less (all the money i saved to put into a down payment is gone) but when I signed my contract, i KNEW what it meant.

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