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Local bankers weigh in on Yellen as Fed chair
Harlan Parrish, CEO of Aliant Bank: "From everything I've read about her, I think she's going to be a very good choice. That position is so critically important to economy and the banking industry. I'm very excited about the appointment, and I think it

Women shatter glass ceiling
Caryn Hughes is Aliant Bank's first female regional president, but she doesn't think of herself as a pioneer. “I really don't see it that way,” Hughes said. “I think about the job I'm doing. “I've probably been fortunate, but I've never really hit a

River Region seeing more female business leaders
In this Friday, Dec. 20, 2013 photo, Caryn Hughes, Aliant Bank's first female regional president, poses for a photo in Montgomery, Ala. Hughes is part of a growing trend of female business leaders in the Montgomery area, punctuated by Alabama State 

No service for Bell Aliant customers in Grand Bank
The Town of Grand Bank is advising Bell Aliant customers in the community that telephone and Internet services should be restored sometime today or tomorrow. Latest News. Council has been in contact with company officials to discuss the outage, which 

Aliant Bank "Only in Alabama"

Aliant Payment Systems gives merchants chance to accept Litecoin

Aliant Payment Systems, a U.S.-based provider of merchant services and credit card processing, is now offering its merchants the ability to accept Litecoin payments, according to a company press release.

"Our merchants look to us for innovative ways to transfer money safely, securely, and cost-effectively. Cryptocurrency allows us to move money in all of these ways, while also offering consumers more payment options," Aliant CEO Eric Brown said in the press release. "We expect Litecoin to emerge as a prominent everyday payment option. Pay with Litecoin at restaurants, bars, gas stations, coffee shops, and other places that you go regularly."

Aliant partnered with Vancouver-based NetCents Technology Inc. to build out the processing platform and offer their crypto portfolio to Aliant's existing merchant base, as well as new clients. Despite feedback regarding a variety of coins, Aliant chose to add Ethereum and Litecoin because they are established, well-known, and stable.

Why Netflix's "Explained" Misrepresents Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The fundamental issue is that this episode might very well be the first explanation of cryptocurrencies that some people get.

Aiming to explain cryptocurrencies in 15 minutes is an ambitious goal, unfortunately there are too many details that need to be compressed. That's no excuse to depict Bitcoin solely as a mean for criminals to acquire illegal services and for frat boys to speculate and get rich.

In the crypto jargon, this is called FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Mainstream media has been doing it for as long as Bitcoin has existed. If anything, I'd call this edition of "Explained" sensationalistic and purposely-controversial. Because the producers have clearly had access to a generous budget and even interviewed savvy people like Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer.

But instead of serving the informative purpose that it pretends to aim towards, the project becomes stereotypical and much like any debate we've heard from misinformed news anchors. While some good intentions can be found in the presentation, they quickly get washed away with images of Silk Road drug deals and lucky teenagers who became millionaires and live the much-resented Lambo lifestyle. I'm lucky that mom watched "Banking on Bitcoin" first, otherwise I'd probably be in a lot of trouble for my job and hobby.