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Tiny-home movement booms, and Boulder leads the way
He didn't want a fat mortgage to pay off for the next 30 years, and neither did his girlfriend, Merete Mueller. They captured their unconventional adventure on film and turned it into a documentary that has taken them around the country on a

Best Places to Party On Spring Break
Best Places to Party On Spring Break It's the first choice for married businessmen when it comes to bringing prostitutes back to the penthouse suite they took out a second mortgage to afford. Next door is The Comsopolitan. It's not as lavish, but it leases several floors and a patio to

Out Of The Homeschooling Closet
“Together we are co-conspirators in a counterculture adventure,” she writes. Yep, that's how we feel about . Lower housing costs translate into lower taxes; lower insurance rates, and better monthly cash flow from a lower mortgage. Finally, stay-at

On the Agenda: Events feature new laws and crowd-funding
Business: A leading mountain resort and adventure company. Malibu Boats Inc. - Loudon, Tenn., 7.1 million shares, priced $13 to $15, managed by Raymond The Labor Department issues weekly jobless claims; the Commerce Department reports fourth

Alabama Mortgage Star

Alabama mortgage star Stewart Holt with Adventure Mortgage in Birmingham closes another loan denied by 3 previous lenders. Loan was approved and ...

BANK ROBBERIES: Numbers falling locally, nationally

Nationwide, after at least 6,000 robberies every year from 1987 to 2006, there were 5,000 or fewer robberies five out of the next six years — including only 3,870 in 2012. Figures for 2013 are not yet available.

Experts cite deterrents such as improved bank security, more cooperation among law enforcement and longer prison sentences. And, they say, many would-be bank robbers believe that there are less risky — and more lucrative — ways to steal a buck.

“It’s completely different now than in the era in the 1930s,” said Jerry Clark, a retired FBI special agent and now an assistant professor of criminal justice at Gannon University in Erie, Penn. “That era generated these folk heroes that created so much interest that they became popularized to the point that they were hero status.”

Now, Clark said, “People are being caught quicker. They don’t have time to establish themselves as heroes.”

In 2013, suspects in two high-profile robbery sprees in the Inland area — attributed to the “Plain Jane Bandit” and the “Button-Down Bandit” — were arrested.

Wizards of Washington Can't Deliver

If all this sounds a bit far-fetched, go to the Smithsonian and look at the ruby slippers. The script displayed with the shoes shows that the slippers were originally silver. That was scratched out and replaced with the now familiar color. Why?

While it’s hard to imagine now, monetary policy was a hot issue in the 1890s. Populists wanted the dollar backed by both silver and gold. The more traditional position was to remain on the gold standard. In that context, silver slippers walking on a yellow brick road evoked a powerful political symbolism. Even decades later, when the movie was made, the passions were too strong to show on the big screen.

It’s fun to explore the symbolism in the story, but doing so perhaps causes us to miss the main storyline. Dorothy braved the entire adventure through a forest filled with lions and tigers and bears and fought a wicked witch for only one reason. She believed with all her heart that if she did so, the Wizard of Oz would solve her problems. In the end, she learned that the Wizard was a fraud. Dorothy also learned she already had the power to solve the challenges she faced.

I need an adventure. Stuck in a rut and about to be permanently stuck. Need a holiday, suggestions?

I just found out I'm pregnant, I already have a two year old, and my hubby and I are saving for a house. Then we'll have a mortgage, two kids under three and we can kiss the chance to travel goodbye! So I have six months before I cant travel anymore.

Am in the very same boat as you funnily enough! Try this site, its really handy ations. They have loads of practical advice.

Grand Adventure Update 4 | Walking in Beauty

One of the concerns that my sweetie kept raising was a worry that if we are out of the country for a year, who will then give him a mortgage at his age.   At first I brushed off his concerns with “oh you can always get a mortgage through a broker”.   As I spent time quietly though, I realized that the last time he had such strong misgivings had to do with the photographer for our wedding.   I kept allaying his concerns with “I know her, I’ve seen her work, she’s good”. Now is that a face ready for adventures.   So, with that in mind, I decided I really needed to spend some time listening to his concerns about this present situation....

Tips mortgage brokers in Edmonton To Deal With The Market When ...

Purchasing a privately sold home is cheaper than going through a real estate agent because you will not be paying for a real estate agent’s commission. Tips mortgage brokers in Edmonton To Deal With The Market When Buying Your Dream Home. Before you even step foot into a mortgage lender’s office, check out your credit. You can check your credit score online or at a credit bureau office. However, you do not have to be over-stressed about it. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you as you begin your home-buying adventure....