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Tiny-home movement booms, and Boulder leads the way
He didn't want a fat mortgage to pay off for the next 30 years, and neither did his girlfriend, Merete Mueller. They captured their unconventional adventure on film and turned it into a documentary that has taken them around the country on a

Best Places to Party On Spring Break
Best Places to Party On Spring Break It's the first choice for married businessmen when it comes to bringing prostitutes back to the penthouse suite they took out a second mortgage to afford. Next door is The Comsopolitan. It's not as lavish, but it leases several floors and a patio to

Out Of The Homeschooling Closet
“Together we are co-conspirators in a counterculture adventure,” she writes. Yep, that's how we feel about . Lower housing costs translate into lower taxes; lower insurance rates, and better monthly cash flow from a lower mortgage. Finally, stay-at

On the Agenda: Events feature new laws and crowd-funding
Business: A leading mountain resort and adventure company. Malibu Boats Inc. - Loudon, Tenn., 7.1 million shares, priced $13 to $15, managed by Raymond The Labor Department issues weekly jobless claims; the Commerce Department reports fourth

Alabama Mortgage Star

Alabama mortgage star Stewart Holt with Adventure Mortgage in Birmingham closes another loan denied by 3 previous lenders. Loan was approved and ...

'Papillon' Director Michael Noer on Finding the Humanity in His Prison Movie


MICHAEL NOER:  In many ways, you could say that I’ve done a prison movie before, but that was very bleak, and it was certainly not about escape. If I was going to revisit the prison genre, it had to be something different, and then this came along, which is an adventurous prison movie. But at that time, I didn’t necessarily know how adventurous that would actually be. In every adventure, there’s a lot of dragons that you have to overcome and mountains you have to climb over, and there certainly was in this production, as well. It was great and it was huge, but I’m so proud to be able to have made something that I consider a real Hollywood production, in the tradition of old Hollywood because it’s character-based. For me, as a film buff, I consider it a great mix of the extravagance of a film, but also a character study.

This is a prison movie, but you also have so much humanity in this, with the relationship between these two men.

How to save money on your mortgage

When your mortgage eats up too much of your budget, it can affect your long-term financial security by limiting your ability to save for retirement, pay down debt or follow other dreams like traveling or starting a business.

The general rule of thumb is to aim to have your monthly housing costs add up to less than 30% of your monthly before-tax income.

No doubt that in the country's more expensive housing markets that's hard to do, but buyers can take steps to help reduce their housing payments. Improve your credit score

Your credit score plays a major role with lenders in deciding the terms of your home loan.

The better your score, the more likely you are to get a lower interest rate, which means you will be paying less over the life of your loan.

A credit score of 750 and up is generally considered excellent and will make you the most attractive borrower.

Home buyers with credit scores below 620 tend to have very high interest rates and risky features on

I need an adventure. Stuck in a rut and about to be permanently stuck. Need a holiday, suggestions?

I just found out I'm pregnant, I already have a two year old, and my hubby and I are saving for a house. Then we'll have a mortgage, two kids under three and we can kiss the chance to travel goodbye! So I have six months before I cant travel anymore.

Am in the very same boat as you funnily enough! Try this site, its really handy ations. They have loads of practical advice.