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Tiny-home movement booms, and Boulder leads the way
He didn't want a fat mortgage to pay off for the next 30 years, and neither did his girlfriend, Merete Mueller. They captured their unconventional adventure on film and turned it into a documentary that has taken them around the country on a

Best Places to Party On Spring Break
Best Places to Party On Spring Break It's the first choice for married businessmen when it comes to bringing prostitutes back to the penthouse suite they took out a second mortgage to afford. Next door is The Comsopolitan. It's not as lavish, but it leases several floors and a patio to

Out Of The Homeschooling Closet
“Together we are co-conspirators in a counterculture adventure,” she writes. Yep, that's how we feel about . Lower housing costs translate into lower taxes; lower insurance rates, and better monthly cash flow from a lower mortgage. Finally, stay-at

On the Agenda: Events feature new laws and crowd-funding
Business: A leading mountain resort and adventure company. Malibu Boats Inc. - Loudon, Tenn., 7.1 million shares, priced $13 to $15, managed by Raymond The Labor Department issues weekly jobless claims; the Commerce Department reports fourth

Alabama Mortgage Star

Alabama mortgage star Stewart Holt with Adventure Mortgage in Birmingham closes another loan denied by 3 previous lenders. Loan was approved and ...

With great risk comes great reward for Polly Carr, Stacey Steggert

Not this couple.

Steggert is department chair of special education at Shaker Heights High School, teaches religious school at The Temple-Tifereth Israel, and runs a garden in Beachwood and Cleveland, and is working on her dissertation. Karr is kept busy caring for their three children: 4-year-old Noa and 1-year-old fraternal twins Jonah and Sam.

“We go on adventures every day,” Karr said. “We’re not a stay-at-home family.”

Literally – the couple just moved from Cleveland Heights to a foreclosure along Martin Luther King Drive in Cleveland.

The couple saved plenty financially from the move. They were able to pay cash for their new home, and their yearly tax payments are one mortgage payment at their old house.

Karr said she also likes the “street cred” she gets from living on Martin Luther King Drive. Perhaps, most important, the city of Cleveland offers a wide variety of public schooling options, including charter schools and STEM schools.

Nurture the delicate balance of give and take: Sun Messages

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio – Each week I am pleased when my in-box is full of great possibilities to pass on to you. Though "Sun Messages" is not strictly a community calendar, I wish I could go to every event publicized here, and believe me – I often attend vicariously. And I wish there was space for everyone's full account; I do have to trim a bit at times.

But have you considered, faithful readers, that you can report back to me on what you have learned by branching out and trying something new? That way, I will reap the dividends of your curiosity and adventure! I will widen the circle as appropriate so that your feedback can yield new growth and possibilities for others, too.

Giving what you can and taking what you need is a reciprocal process that can keep us all in the loop.

Walk and unwind! I have enjoyed Acacia on my own during various seasons and with my trusty canine, Robin. I learned that the South Euclid Garden Club invites you to join the group on Tuesday June 21, 6:30 p.m., for a guided tour of the grounds at Cleveland Metroparks-Acacia Reservation at 26899 Cedar Road in Lyndhurst. Wear your walking shoes so that you can spend some time getting fresh air, meeting new friends and enjoying nature while learning about this recently renovated addition to our area. Meet at the parking area near the kiosk. There is no charge; all are welcome. For answers to your questions, call 216-382-0707.

I need an adventure. Stuck in a rut and about to be permanently stuck. Need a holiday, suggestions?

I just found out I'm pregnant, I already have a two year old, and my hubby and I are saving for a house. Then we'll have a mortgage, two kids under three and we can kiss the chance to travel goodbye! So I have six months before I cant travel anymore.

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