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Tiny-home movement booms, and Boulder leads the way
He didn't want a fat mortgage to pay off for the next 30 years, and neither did his girlfriend, Merete Mueller. They captured their unconventional adventure on film and turned it into a documentary that has taken them around the country on a

Best Places to Party On Spring Break
Best Places to Party On Spring Break It's the first choice for married businessmen when it comes to bringing prostitutes back to the penthouse suite they took out a second mortgage to afford. Next door is The Comsopolitan. It's not as lavish, but it leases several floors and a patio to

Out Of The Homeschooling Closet
“Together we are co-conspirators in a counterculture adventure,” she writes. Yep, that's how we feel about . Lower housing costs translate into lower taxes; lower insurance rates, and better monthly cash flow from a lower mortgage. Finally, stay-at

On the Agenda: Events feature new laws and crowd-funding
Business: A leading mountain resort and adventure company. Malibu Boats Inc. - Loudon, Tenn., 7.1 million shares, priced $13 to $15, managed by Raymond The Labor Department issues weekly jobless claims; the Commerce Department reports fourth

Alabama Mortgage Star

Alabama mortgage star Stewart Holt with Adventure Mortgage in Birmingham closes another loan denied by 3 previous lenders. Loan was approved and ...

This is how financial services chatbots are going to evolve

The first generation of chatbots in financial services has yet to win over the majority of consumers. But as the technology improves, banks and payments companies foresee a variety of roles and abilities for these virtual assistants.

Today’s simple question-and-answer programs will evolve, experts say, to become sophisticated conversational agents, which will help customers transact and may even be capable of understanding emotional cues.

As that happens, banks expect more and more consumers will turn to chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, to conduct their financial affairs. When they do, the bots will be waiting for them—helpful digital representatives of companies that are betting on conversational finance as the next frontier.

"A decade ago we had the first big leap, and that was web to mobile," said Edrizio de la Cruz, co-founder and CEO of Regalii, a startup whose application programming interfaces are used by dozens of financial services providers to build their chatbots. "Now the next one is mobile to conversational.

The Stuff of Politics

In 2011, during a Twitter town hall, one user asked President Barack Obama, “What mistakes have you made in handling this recession and what would you do differently?” Obama responded that, could he travel back in time, he would have more clearly explained to the country that “it was going to take a while to get out of [the recession].” He also admitted that housing debt had remained stubbornly high.

His administration, Obama noted, had attempted several times to “revamp” its signature housing measure, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) — but to little avail. Declining to explain the details or difficulties with HAMP’s implementation, and providing no clear answer about how he might change housing and mortgage policy going forward, the president moved on to the next question.

Obama’s truncated answer was apt considering how little time the administration spent publicly promoting the program. Indeed, despite Obama’s proclamation that the foreclosure crisis was among his chief vexations, he left a legacy in which even today, relatively few Americans are familiar with HAMP.

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