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New mortgage rules tough enough: Opposing view
New mortgage rules tough enough: Opposing view This rule would have dissuaded many lenders from originating mortgages outside those very tight boundaries, thus limiting credit — with disproportionate harm to low-income and first-time buyers. With sound underwriting, banks don't need such high down

Consumer Reporting Data
Information about your payment history (submitted by credit card companies, mortgage lenders, auto financiers and other creditors nationwide). • How much credit you have. • How much credit you use. .. Tulsa, OK 74153. Phone. 800- 381-0645. Infocubic

Oklahoma lender looks to 'Lone Survivor' to aid Boot Campaign
This weekend's release of the movie version of Marcus Luttrell's war memoir will bring attention to the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Boot Campaign for mortgage-free homes for veterans, according to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. By Richard 

AG wants to spread word about mortgage assistance
The event will be funded by the nearly $26 billion National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) paid by the nation's five largest banks to every state except Oklahoma beginning in Feb. 2012. “This is an outreach to our community and others, including Pima and

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Loan Application Defect Risk in Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Slips Below Fixed-Rate Mortgages, According to First ...

February 2018 Loan Application Defect Index

The frequency of defects, fraudulence and misrepresentation in the information submitted in mortgage loan applications remained the same compared with the previous month. Compared to February 2017, the Defect Index increased by 9.2 percent. The Defect Index is down 18.6 percent from the high point of risk in October 2013. The Defect Index for refinance transactions remained unchanged compared to the previous month and is 13.1 percent higher than a year ago. The Defect Index for purchase transactions decreased by 1.1 percent compared with the previous month and is up 7.1 percent compared with a year ago.

Chief Economist Analysis: Will the Return of ARMs Lead to Surging Loan App Defect Risk?

“It’s been a long time coming – a rising rate environment. The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage has been below 4.5 percent since late 2013 and is now finally moving consistently higher. According to the consensus of economic forecasts, it is likely to approach 5 percent by the end of this year,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American. “This matters for defect, fraud and misrepresentation risk as rising mortgage rates reduce the benefit of refinancing and increase the share of purchase loan transactions in the market. As we have noted before , purchase loan transactions are riskier than refinance transactions.

Way We Were: Pioneers in aviation

There is little doubt that R.T. Freng's heroic actions on the evening of March 11, 1929 saved the life of K.A. Kennedy. Freng, with the assistance of a couple local men, pulled Kennedy from the burning wreckage of the Boeing Air Transport B-40 biplane they were flying after crashing on a snow-covered hillside above Woodside Avenue in old town Park City. Freng's training and experience as a pilot had prepared him well for just such an emergency.

On July 24, 1919, 19-year old Norwegian immigrant Ragnar Torkil Freng, enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Service as a flying cadet at Post Field, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was discharged as a second lieutenant two years later, taking his acquired flying expertise into the fledgling aviation business. He is credited with flying the first commercial passenger plane in aviation history in 1922. In 1925 the United States Forest Service appointed Freng as the first forest fire patrol pilot for eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.

If my aunt is cosigning on my mortgage, does her husband have to sign too according to oklahoma law?

my income was too low for me to qualify for a loan by myself. My aunt was going to help me by cosigning. Her credit is good. Is she required to have her husband sign the mortgage papers with her or can she do it alone?

I don't know Oklahoma law, but so long as your aunt is not putting up, as collateral for your loan, any property that she co-owns with your uncle, then my guess that she doesn't need his signature.