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New mortgage rules tough enough: Opposing view
New mortgage rules tough enough: Opposing view This rule would have dissuaded many lenders from originating mortgages outside those very tight boundaries, thus limiting credit — with disproportionate harm to low-income and first-time buyers. With sound underwriting, banks don't need such high down

Consumer Reporting Data
Information about your payment history (submitted by credit card companies, mortgage lenders, auto financiers and other creditors nationwide). • How much credit you have. • How much credit you use. .. Tulsa, OK 74153. Phone. 800- 381-0645. Infocubic

Oklahoma lender looks to 'Lone Survivor' to aid Boot Campaign
This weekend's release of the movie version of Marcus Luttrell's war memoir will bring attention to the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Boot Campaign for mortgage-free homes for veterans, according to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. By Richard 

AG wants to spread word about mortgage assistance
The event will be funded by the nearly $26 billion National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) paid by the nation's five largest banks to every state except Oklahoma beginning in Feb. 2012. “This is an outreach to our community and others, including Pima and

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Gateway Mortgage Group Launches New Down Payment Protection Program

“Gateway is always growing, innovating and seeking new ways to better support homeownership in the communities we serve around the country,” said Alan Ferree, president of Gateway. “This partnership with ValueInsured allows us to differentiate Gateway from other mortgage lenders while providing our customers with a unique option that offers some peace of mind and simply makes sense for certain markets or borrowers.”

The new Down Payment Protection Program offers homebuyers an optional insurance feature that can minimize market risk on the value of their home and safeguard some, or all, of their down payment. If the market price drops and the home sells at a loss, up to the full amount of the down payment could be reimbursed in a turnkey, home inspection-free process usually taking 30 days or less (some restrictions apply).

“Gateway operates in many markets where home values are at all-time highs,” said Joe Melendez, founder and CEO of ValueInsured. “Gateway continues to prove its commitment as a champion of the American dream by allowing customers to buy with confidence while helping to alleviate the concerns and unpredictability of today’s real estate values.

Gateway Mortgage Group Donates $16605 to Folds of Honor During Third Quarter

Beginning in May of 2017, Gateway announced that for every mortgage loan closed through its retail branches nationwide, it would donate $5 to Folds of Honor. Gateway extended its partnership with the non-profit organization in May of 2018 for an additional 12 months whereby the company continues its pledge to support those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

“Gateway has a long track record of growth and our success drives us to give back to those in need,” said Stephen Curry, CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group. “Military families know exactly what it means to serve, and Gateway strives to honor the men and women who answer the call to protect American freedoms. For the past year and a half, we have been making donations to Folds of Honor every time a new homeowner closes a loan with Gateway to further the organization’s mission of educating the families of our fallen heroes.”

Each month, Gateway and Folds of Honor co-host a local, monthly event where a Folds of Honor representative shares how the organization helps scholarship recipients alleviate the financial strain of education expenses. During these events, the participating Gateway branch presents the monthly donation to the nonprofit alongside local customers, realtors, and other business partners.

If my aunt is cosigning on my mortgage, does her husband have to sign too according to oklahoma law?

my income was too low for me to qualify for a loan by myself. My aunt was going to help me by cosigning. Her credit is good. Is she required to have her husband sign the mortgage papers with her or can she do it alone?

I don't know Oklahoma law, but so long as your aunt is not putting up, as collateral for your loan, any property that she co-owns with your uncle, then my guess that she doesn't need his signature.