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Ireland Jumps: Will Others Follow?
Ireland Jumps: Will Others Follow? In light of this, when previous measures with the dreaded Troika – the IMF, European Central Bank and the European Commission – run out in the coming month, Ireland will not seek any new line of credit from the strict family of German-dominated lenders

Fat Kid Wednesdays, Implosion Mondays: January 27th at the Icehouse
Michael Lewis is best known around town and well beyond as one of the most creative sax players in modern music, lending his blowing skills to the acclaimed Happy Apple as well as FKW. Noted Richard Brody in The New Yorker, “Lewis's dry, metallic tone 

The Mets May Need to Rely on Their Last Money Lender – The Fans
In December of 2008, Bernie Madoff was arrested for orchestrating perhaps the largest Ponzi scheme known on Wall Street, which in turn, triggered the financial implosion in Flushing. In Citi Field's first season of operation, the Mets incurred a $9

$700M rescue bid fuels fallout fears
How and what form its settlement could take are jolting a cultural and nonprofit community only just recovering from the twin whammies of the recession and automotive implosion. Will the price of the DIA's freedom if the destination remains unclear

Mortgage Lender - Implode O Meter Website - Mortgage Crash!

Mortgage Lender Implode O Meter Website: Everything inside the mortgage / lending collapse. Interesting website.

After 450 years, the frighteningly modern visions of Bruegel get the showcase they deserve

Snow began to fall — little watery puffs of it, half a degree to the cold side of sleet — just as I was approaching the heavy doors of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Children on the museum’s front steps, oblivious to the treasures inside, ran about frenetically — “Es schneit! Es schneit! It’s snowing!” — as grimacing old women hoisted open their umbrellas.

I had come to Vienna to see the first monograph of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a figure comparable in art to Shakespeare in literature, and just as elusive: We know neither where nor when Bruegel was born (in or near Breda, Netherlands, or in Antwerp, Belgium, between 1525 and 1530). No one can seem to agree on how to spell or pronounce his name (Bruegel or Brueghel; Broy-gel or Brew-gel). And, apart from knowing that he traveled to Italy in 1552-1554, worked in Antwerp and Brussels, married the daughter of his artistic mentors and died soon after the birth of his second child (five years after Shakespeare’s birth), we have little else to guide us as we scan his multitudinous pictures.

China Locks Down Financial District As P2P Lending Implodes

, Hundreds of police officers and security guards gathered near the offices of banking and securities regulators, as well as the entrance to the underground train stop for the financial district. Police were checking identity cards of anyone entering the area to prevent organized demonstrations by groups of investors that lost money as P2P lenders went under.

Only a handful of protesters showed up during the morning rush hour. Those that did show up were taken away or placed on buses by the police. With the collapse of the market, many are left wondering why the platforms were able to say they were government approved, and why local authorities couldn’t do more to recover their money.

The shuttering of the peer-to-peer networks is being blamed on a combination of regulatory failures , fraud and the declining debt going to weak borrowers and questionable banks. “A fair share of the recent P2P thunderstorm comes from lawless people operating under the guise of internet