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Ireland Jumps: Will Others Follow?
Ireland Jumps: Will Others Follow? In light of this, when previous measures with the dreaded Troika – the IMF, European Central Bank and the European Commission – run out in the coming month, Ireland will not seek any new line of credit from the strict family of German-dominated lenders

Fat Kid Wednesdays, Implosion Mondays: January 27th at the Icehouse
Michael Lewis is best known around town and well beyond as one of the most creative sax players in modern music, lending his blowing skills to the acclaimed Happy Apple as well as FKW. Noted Richard Brody in The New Yorker, “Lewis's dry, metallic tone 

The Mets May Need to Rely on Their Last Money Lender – The Fans
In December of 2008, Bernie Madoff was arrested for orchestrating perhaps the largest Ponzi scheme known on Wall Street, which in turn, triggered the financial implosion in Flushing. In Citi Field's first season of operation, the Mets incurred a $9

$700M rescue bid fuels fallout fears
How and what form its settlement could take are jolting a cultural and nonprofit community only just recovering from the twin whammies of the recession and automotive implosion. Will the price of the DIA's freedom if the destination remains unclear

Mortgage Lender - Implode O Meter Website - Mortgage Crash!

Mortgage Lender Implode O Meter Website: Everything inside the mortgage / lending collapse. Interesting website.

Alternative Finance's Popularity Won't Break With Investors

With a prediction: The small business (SMB) credit space is headed for a “shake-up.” The small business loan market is oversaturated, she argued, creating a “FinTech credit bubble” that first showed signs of deflating as investors pulled out of some players like CAN Capital and LendingClub in 2016.

“The market is ripe for consolidation and beneficial partnerships,” Grealish wrote. “Indeed, the remainder of 2017 and 2018 will see more partnerships between the banks and FinTechs.”

That’s because banks still hold the strongest traction with small business borrowers, are able to provide the strength in underwriting capabilities and revenue and liquidity cushions necessary to remain viable. Alternative lending players, she wrote, don’t have enough time to diversify their portfolios, creating a significant danger to some firms in the event of a financial downturn.

Between market consolidation and partnerships with traditional banks, alternative lending is certainly already an in-flux market. But that hasn’t seemed to stop new market entrants from coming in or kept investors from backing these players. In this week’s B2B venture capital breakdown, alternative lending for small- and medium-sized businesses (and their employees) is the clear winner.

The 15 Best Guns N' Roses Songs

Few bands inspire such spirited debate or judicious ranking of their catalog as Guns N’ Roses. The rabid fandom becomes even more remarkable when you consider that in their prime, Guns released only three-and-a-half studio albums of original material—1987’s seminal debut Appetite for Destruction (which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year), follow-up EP GN’R Lies the next year and the sprawling Use Your Illusion double album in 1991. Cover album The Spaghetti Incident? followed in 1993, and Axl Rose released the long-awaited Chinese Democracy in 2008 with the help of countless hired guns (pun intended), but few fans would consider those crucial entries in the band’s discography.

Still, every Guns N’ Roses album has its splashes of brilliance, and all were taken into consideration when assembling this ranking of the group’s 15 greatest songs. To Axl, Slash and Duff, if you’re reading this, maybe consider incorporating more of these songs into the next leg of your Not in This Lifetime Tour .