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Are Subprime Mortgages Dying Or Dead?
Are Subprime Mortgages Dying Or Dead? Under the new mortgage rules which went into effect January 10, 2014, lenders can freely make subprime loans. However, if they want to offer subprime financing and have the loan defined as a qualified mortgage within the safe harbor created under 

Auto Lender's Drive Reaps a Fortune
Subprime mortgages were among the first to go bust when the housing market foundered, erasing billions of dollars in assets for lenders, the Wall Street firms that packaged their loans into securities and the investors who bought them. Subprime

Elizabeth Warren Pushes New York To 'Go, Go, Go' On Progressive Policies
The body was designed to have oversight over mortgages and other financial instruments to protect consumers against predatory practices. She said if the agency had existed before the subprime collapse then "there would have been millions of families

Non-QM optimism: It's an actual thing!
Non-QM optimism: It's an actual thing! Non-QM/non-prime/call-it-anything-but-subprime-please mortgage lending isn't back. But by the looks and discussions taking place at ABS Vegas this week, at least, it may not be very long now. For all of "The lending box has always historically been

Subprime mortgages

This reviews the definition of subprime and highlights the startling trends in subprime MBS origination from 1999 to 2006.

GARY SMITH: Deception from the mound

Apparently, the Arkansas Razorbacks lost a baseball game the other day because, in the opinion of the home plate umpire, a batter didn't try hard enough to get out of the way of a pitch.

That's sort of "judge-y," to me. But then again, that's probably the very definition of "judgment call."

And while the event may be unfair on an epic level to the degree that federal investigation is probably in order (I mean, we know of someone who appears to have sufficient bandwidth to take that on, now that his previous effort has been concluded), it brings to mind the single thing that drove me from playing the Great American Pastime -- the curve.

For the uninitiated (or at least those who have never had a baseball seem to be aimed at their head, only to wind up a called strike), a curve leaves a pitcher's release point and appears to travel down and away from that release point in a "curving" motion.

Some physicists will tell you that's an illusion, that the ball doesn't really curve. Rather, they suggest, the pitcher merely takes advantage of gravitational pull to create the impression a thrown object that normally has a north-to-south path instead turns more northwest to southeast when the pitcher flattens out the plane.

Opinion: A recession is coming, and maybe a bear market, too

I first suggested the U.S. economy was headed toward a recession more than a year ago, and now others are forecasting the same. I give a business downturn starting this year a two-thirds probability.

The recessionary indicators are numerous. Tighter monetary policy by the Federal Reserve that the central bank now worries it may have overdone. The near-inversion in the Treasury yield curve. The swoon in stocks at the end of last year. Weaker housing activity. Soft consumer spending. The tiny 20,000 increase in February payrolls, compared with the 223,000 monthly average gain last year.

Then there are the effects of the deteriorating European economies and decelerating growth in China, as well as President Donald Trump's ongoing trade war with that country.

There is, of course, a small chance of a soft landing such as in the mid-1990s. At that time, the Fed ended its interest-rate hiking cycle and cut the federal funds rate with no ensuing recession. By my count, the other 12 times the central bank restricted credit in the post-World War II era, a recession resulted.

Can someone explain the following terms: subprime mortgage bond, credit default swap, and shorting?

I would appreciate simple definitions/explanations for each. I have read the Wiki articles, but I am still a bit confused. I understand that in subprime mortgages the borrowers do not have a strong credit histories.

I'll try to keep it simple...

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