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K12, Inc. attracts Wall Street criticism, compared to subprime mortgages
“K12 reminds me of the subprime mortgage lenders and for-profit colleges when they were flying high – and the ending will be similar I believe,” Tilson wrote in an email to Business Insider, who posted his entire slide presentation here. Tilson, also

The Next Subprime 'Time Bomb' Is Ticking (Here's How You Could Profit from It)
In fact, one financial company actually sent my bankrupt friend a check for $30,000 to be used at any participating auto dealer for the car of his choice. He took the check and bought a used BMW. I couldn't believe it. Here's a bankrupt guy with I

Gundlach Counting Rotting Homes Makes Subprime Bear
The founder of $49 billion investment firm DoubleLine Capital LP is largely avoiding the subprime-mortgage bonds that jumped about 17 percent last year after home prices surged by the most since 2006, deterred by the lengthy process to sell foreclosed

Get Ready for Subprime Mortgage Crisis 2.0, Collapse in US Housing Market ...
Calvo, whose company buys and sells $100 million in distressed real estate debt annually, says, “Bottom line is we are still in a situation where half of every mortgaged home in America is completely underwater, and the Fed is going to have to print

Financial Crisis Explained: Subprime Mortgage

Here's the first episode.

With restructuring done, GE's Flannery turns sights to fixing power business, GE Capital

The power business is the company's number one focus for the remainder of 2018, CFO Jamie Miller told CNBC after the report, reiterating Flannery's comments on the call.

“Clearly our top priority is fixing the problems in the power business," Flannery said.

Power reported orders of of $7.4 billion, down 26 percent from a year ago. Revenues also declined 19 percent. Worst of all was the division's profit, down 58 percent from the same time last year. As it has before, GE said "softness" was the main culprit.

“The short term cycle is severe," Flannery said, adding that GE was "already working within the assumption of a very tough market.”

Still, Flannery said GE's power unit is "an asset that is worth protecting." A turnaround in power is going "to be a multiyear fix," Flannery said. He told shareholders that GE sees "a very clear plan of what we need to do" in power, again emphasizing the company's focus on the business.

Investors don’t seem to want to wait around, however, as GE stock dropped more than 4 percent in trading Friday, closing at $13.12 per share.

There's No Subprime Bubble in China Auto Loans

Car buyers may start to default in greater numbers eventually, but even if delinquency rates do spike, there’s less risk of a self-feeding spiral such as the one that triggered the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis a decade ago. That’s because, unlike the value of houses in a locality, the sale of one dud car doesn’t affect the price of another, especially when the market is small. In mature markets, for every new car sold, three used ones are traded. The ratio in China is about one to 0.4. 

The impact on car sales of reduced financing availability is another matter. About 40 percent of Chinese car buyers said they would delay purchases if they didn’t have access to credit, according to a recent J.D. Power survey of more than 9,000 people. 

Still, slowing deliveries  reflect other factors including manufacturers’ inventory management and the withdrawal of government subsidies such as grants for building plants and tax incentives for consumers. The trade war with the U.S. will also alter the landscape, attracting new entrants and affecting pricing.

Conservatives, did the government force subprime mortgage companies to exist & investors to put money in them?

Can u describe the process for me.
I didn't ask anything about banks, I asked about subprime mortgage companies. Interesting that people want to change the subject.

Yes. If the banking institutions did not lend adequately into targeted areas, they were given a low grade by the fdic. A low rating by the FDIC, changed your borrowing rates from the government.