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Lenovo in Deal for IBM's Server Unit
LOOPHOLE FOR FOREIGN BANKS MAY CLOSE | For three years, overseas banks like Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse have not had to comply with parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, which aims to limit banks' potential losses on loans and trades, simply

Bailed-out banks issued riskier loans
issued riskier loans. ( —Banks that received federal bailout money approved riskier loans and shifted capital toward risky investments, according to a University of Michigan researcher. TARP banks shifted their credit origination

DETROIT BANKRUPTCY SHOCK: JUDGE SHOOTS DOWN BANKS PAY-OFF He said the swaps proposal could not be looked at without putting it in the broader context that the banks involved were among those which caused the global financial collapse of 2008, largely through subprime predatory lending policies. The federal

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French Banking Giant Is Looking Like 'the JPMorgan of Europe'

Commerzbank ? Surely an IT project wouldn’t deter a blockbuster merger that would redraw the financial map of Europe. Bonnafé smiles, and with his analytical gaze he looks every part the engineer he trained to be.

“We are not children,” he says, sotto voce but firmly.

It’s true; the most influential commercial banker in the euro zone isn’t the type to be lured by shiny baubles. Ever since he took over as CEO in 2011, Bonnafé has shunned the glory hunting that’s long defined global banking. His watchword has been “discipline,” and while there have been aberrations—BNP Paribas pleaded guilty to processing transactions for clients in violation of U.S. sanctions on Sudan, Iran, and Cuba and paid $8.9 billion in penalties in 2014—this trait has enabled the lender to steadily take market share from its European competitors and increase its bottom line. Over the past five years through yesterday, BNP shares have outperformed those of most major European lenders, returning 8 percent annually, compared with 3 percent by the Euro Stoxx Banks index.

Regulators, Congress move to end all restraints on Wall Street speculation

23 May 2018

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill to exempt the vast majority of financial firms from the Dodd-Frank bank regulations passed after the 2008 Wall Street crash. This coincided with press reports that the Federal Reserve Board and other bank regulators will announce as soon as next week proposals to gut the provision of Dodd-Frank most hated by Wall Street—the so-called “Volcker Rule.”

The accelerating offensive against even the most minimal restrictions on financial speculation takes place in the context of surging bank profits and CEO pay. On Tuesday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, one of the agencies that is preparing to eviscerate the Volcker Rule, reported that US banks recorded record profits of $56 billion in the first quarter of 2018, a 28 percent increase over the same period last year.

As the tenth anniversary of the September 2008 Wall Street crash approaches, the token restrictions on the banks that were passed during the Obama administration are being dismantled. These minimal measures, including increased capital reserve requirements, annual “stress tests” and limited restrictions on risky derivative trading, were mainly enacted to provide political cover for the administration’s multi-trillion-dollar bailout of the financial institutions responsible for the wholesale destruction of jobs, millions of home foreclosures and the wiping out of retirement savings.

In 2002, why did Bush order 440 BILLION in subprime loans from fannie mae/freddie mac?

Here is the video...go to the 4 minute mark to hear him say it. S8

Here is the offical white house text of that speech he gave in atlanta on june 17, 2002.

Because the Tea Party only cares about their so called bogus "cause" when it's not a Republican. How many millions of republicans supported Bush during those times, how many republican politicians supported Bush during those times.