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Lenovo in Deal for IBM's Server Unit
LOOPHOLE FOR FOREIGN BANKS MAY CLOSE | For three years, overseas banks like Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse have not had to comply with parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, which aims to limit banks' potential losses on loans and trades, simply

Bailed-out banks issued riskier loans
issued riskier loans. ( —Banks that received federal bailout money approved riskier loans and shifted capital toward risky investments, according to a University of Michigan researcher. TARP banks shifted their credit origination

DETROIT BANKRUPTCY SHOCK: JUDGE SHOOTS DOWN BANKS PAY-OFF He said the swaps proposal could not be looked at without putting it in the broader context that the banks involved were among those which caused the global financial collapse of 2008, largely through subprime predatory lending policies. The federal

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The junk debt that tanked the economy? It's back in a big way.

Like most people, you probably assume that the level of lending done by banks at any moment is largely driven by how much demand there is from borrowers. But in the world of modern finance, that’s only part of the story. For just as important is the level of demand from investors — pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies — to buy the loans that banks make. Indeed, there are times when there’s so much demand for loans from investors and the profit from selling them is so lucrative that bankers are only too happy to go out and make bigger and riskier loans than they would if they were keeping them on their own books.

That was the situation back in 2006 when investors were so keen to own “mortgage-backed securities” that Wall Street was begging lenders for more and more “product.” You know how that turned out.

Now it is happening again, as investors and money managers scramble to buy floating-rate debt — debt offering interest payments that will increase as global interest rates rise, as they are expected to over the next few years. A big new source of floating-rate credit is the market for “leveraged loans” — loans to highly indebted businesses — that are packaged into securities known as “collateralized loan obligations,” or CLOs. Because the market seems to have an insatiable appetite for CLOs, leveraged lending and CLO issuance through the first half of the year are already up 38 percent over last year’s near-record levels.

In 2002, why did Bush order 440 BILLION in subprime loans from fannie mae/freddie mac?

Here is the video...go to the 4 minute mark to hear him say it. S8

Here is the offical white house text of that speech he gave in atlanta on june 17, 2002.

Because the Tea Party only cares about their so called bogus "cause" when it's not a Republican. How many millions of republicans supported Bush during those times, how many republican politicians supported Bush during those times.