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Consumer Reporting Data
Consumer Reporting Agencies. Below is a list of consumer reporting companies – companies that collect information and provide reports on consumers that are used to decide whether to provide consumers credit, insurance, or employment, and for other

Book in a Volatile Market
The truth, according to the whistle-blower who has personally cancelled more than 200 mortgages because of LAF manipulation, is that the banks teach the brokers how to manipulate the LAFs to get loans past lending standards. The British inquiry If

What the new mortgage rules mean for you
The new rules are designed to take a "back to basics" approach to mortgage lending and lower the risk of defaults and foreclosures among borrowers, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which issued the new rules. "No debt traps. No

CFPB Directors Cordray's Prepared Remarks on Housing Market Reform
The list is long, so bear with me – we take complaints about mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, student loans, auto loans, credit reporting, debt collection, consumer loans, money transfers, and payday loans. Each perceived grievance is a chance

The Collapse of the Mortgage Lending Industry

This video is a list of US mortgage lenders who have closed or otherwise exited the mortgage lending business since late 2006.

Inflation to Skyrocket When Fed Reverts to New QE & Interest Rate Cuts

Silver’s outperformance could bode well for precious metals markets heading into next week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The Fed is widely expected to hike its benchmark rate. But as is often the case, the gold market seems to be holding its breath until the actual announcement.

Perhaps next week traders will finally give the gold market a decisive push above or below the $1,300 level. The recent narrowing in the gold to silver ratio in favor of silver gives bulls some hope for a bullish outcome. Silver being the more volatile metal, it tends to lead on both the upside and the downside.

The gold to silver ratio currently checks in at about 77 to 1. The ratio has narrowed from a high of 82.5 to 1 recorded in early April. It has the potential to narrow much further in a bull market for silver.

In the meantime, the precious metals markets will continue to test the patience of bulls. The long, grinding, sideways trading action of the past few months has worn out some metals investors and lulled the general public into disinterest.

Subprime Auto Lenders Folding—Is This a New Financial Indicator?

The recent Bloomberg headline “ Smaller Subprime Auto Lenders Are Starting to Fold ,” and the accompanying article may seem astounding in today’s bustling economy. However, not far from the surface, significant issues and obstacles are facing this segment of the consumer financing and motor vehicle sales industries. According to the New York Fed Consumer Credit Panel/Equifax, nonbank lenders’ subprime auto loans are going bad at the highest rate since 2010. According to the same report, as of the end of 2017, 6.3 million Americans were 90 days late on their auto loan payments, which was an increase of approximately 400,000 from a year earlier. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as of September 2017, there were approximately $280 billion of subprime auto loans outstanding. With a default rate of approximately 9 percent of those loans, the cumulative magnitude of consumers unable to pay their debts is substantial.

Can you list the reasons you think houses prices went up so high during the housing bubble?

I can think of: 1) the govt manipulating interest rates and keeping them low for all those years after 9/11.

The Bush family has been stealing money from real estate for a long time, and they manipulate the market to make it easier for people to get loans so they can be foreclosed upon later.

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