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FL: Gainesville/Ocala Bank of America Protest and Employee Free Choice Act Information Campaign

On 6/19 and 6/20, the North Central Florida Central Labor Council held two events, in Gainesville and Ocala respectively. With over 600 flyers ...

Rampell: America is swarming with Paul Manaforts

One possible lesson of the many brazen, conspicuous scandals related to President Donald Trump and others in his orbit: The U.S. government has been massively underinvesting in enforcement and prosecution of white-collar crime.

Trumpkins argue that the pile-up of charges against onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is a sign that special counsel Robert Mueller has gone rogue. After all, many of the allegations against Manafort -- laundering $30 million in income, submitting false tax returns, lying to banks, failing to register as a foreign agent, obstructing justice -- stem from his work in and for Ukraine before 2016. They're not directly related to his time on the Trump campaign.

Some of Manafort's alleged crimes, as Trump loves to point out, are more than a decade old!

But the right question isn't why Mueller is going after Manafort now. It is: Why didn't someone go after Manafort before? After all, there were just So. Many. Red. Flags.

SDS Crystal Ball: Predicting every game for Florida football in 2018

Serious question.

Is any team in America in a more drastically different state than it was in 365 days ago than Florida? Maybe UCF and Florida State could make an argument for that.

But think about it. At this time last year, the Gators were fresh off a pair of division titles with a third-year coach. Some thought they were in for their third straight West crown and that McElwain was going to resurrect the offense with Malik Zaire or Feleipe Franks (keep in mind that was also pre-credit card fraud scandal).

Woof. That take is freeeeeeezing cold.

McElwain’s made-up death threats put a cap on his brief, but bizarre run as Florida’s coach. Dan Mullen, the guy many believed would never come back to Gainesville, did just that. There are a lot of unknowns to the start of the Mullen era, but it feels like at least one bet is safe.

There’s no way Florida will experience a 2018 quite like 2017.

2017 record: 4-7 (3-5)