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bank of america upromise credit card

Bank of America - credit card pushers

Bank of America is put under the microscope for possible unethical business practices.

From the Archives: Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?

WHAT APPLICATIONS might they suggest, William A. Sahlman asked his students, for “electronic ink”—particles and dyes, embedded in a surface, that could be charged to form changing texts without the bother of paper and printing? The class snapped to attention, and a swarm of ideas buzzed down from the semicircular banks of seats in Aldrich 9. Price tags (retailers wouldn't have to re-mark them for discounted sales). Billboards. Sheet music (self-turning scores). Eyeglasses with news headlines projected inside the lens (prompting Sahlman to interject, “So, as you're purportedly watching me...”). Newspapers with built-in refreshable video. Menus (no more regrets from the waiter that the daily special is sold out). Maps. Camouflage clothing that changes in different lighting (Sahlman again: “So if you hadn't read the case and wanted to disappear...”).

UPromise Bank of America Credit Card?

So I applied for one because I paid off my credit debt on credit card that has no rewards or anything.

Generally speaking, yes, that does mean that an aspect of your application raised flags and review is neccessary. From my experience, it is uncommon to apply for a credit card from BOA, receive that message, and later, become approved.

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