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bank of america upromise credit card

Bank of America - credit card pushers

Bank of America is put under the microscope for possible unethical business practices.

Sallie Mae Has Free Tips and Tools to Help College Grads Manage Student Loan Payments

Sallie Mae’s “ Manage your student loans ” is a one-stop source of straightforward, comprehensive information. It features practical tools, including a monthly budget worksheet and a loan payment estimator, as well as easy-to-understand explanations of complex subjects, like how interest accrues, how payments are allocated to principal and interest, and how to build a strong credit history.

“The advice I give recent graduates is to create and follow a realistic budget, talk to your student loan servicers about repayment options, and put a few extra dollars towards your loan each month if you don't qualify for public service loan forgiveness. Don't forget free ways to repay your student loans, such as shopping with free rewards program, where you get cash back from your purchases, and the student loan income tax deduction, where you can get back $625 annually,” said Reyna Gobel, student loan and paying-for-college expert and author of “Parents’ Guide to Paying for College and Repaying Student Loans.” “The information on Sallie Mae’s website, in addition to talking to your loan servicer, can help you be informed instead of overwhelmed.

This App May Let You Retire on Your Spare Change

The Acorns portfolio is purposely simple: Your money gets spread among six basic index funds. The weighting in each fund depends on your risk profile, which you can dial up or down on your iPhone. More aggressive settings put more money in stocks. But you always have some money in each fund, remaining diversified among large and small company stocks, emerging markets, real estate, government and corporate bonds. The app will be available for Android in a few weeks and through a website in a few months.

Why Millennials Are the Target

Micro investing via a mobile device clearly targets millennials, who show great interest in saving but have been largely ignored by financial advisers and large banks. Young people may not have enough assets to meet the minimum requirements of big financial houses like Fidelity, Vanguard, and Schwab. With Acorns, there are no minimums. There are also none of the commissions that can render investing in small doses prohibitively expensive. “We want small investors who can grow with us over time,” says Acorns co-founder Jeff Cruttenden.

UPromise Bank of America Credit Card?

So I applied for one because I paid off my credit debt on credit card that has no rewards or anything.

Generally speaking, yes, that does mean that an aspect of your application raised flags and review is neccessary. From my experience, it is uncommon to apply for a credit card from BOA, receive that message, and later, become approved.