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Mortgage 101 - Defining some commonly used terms when dealing with mortgages

Albert talks about some commonly used terms when dealing with mortgages: amortization period, term, payment frequency, closed vs open mortgages ...

Relief for homeowners as private insurance won't impact state benefits

Recent changes to Support for Mortgage Interest mean homeowners can no longer rely on free government support to pay their mortgage interest. But this change also left a grey area for households with separate protection insurance as they feared these payouts would make them ineligible for other state benefits.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has now clarified its position on how protection insurance payouts effect eligibility of state benefits.

Housing benefit changes explained

There was a big change to housing benefit from 6 April 2018 when the government implemented a loan style arrangement rather than a free benefit to cover Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) for those claiming benefits such as Pension Credit, Income Support and Universal Credit.

This means people who suffer a loss of income from sickness can no longer get a free payment, but may qualify for a loan. As such, these payments need to be repaid when the property is sold or transferred into new ownership. Essentially DWP can put a charge on the property.

Psychologist Explains Why You Spend a Ton of Money At Target

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Is there an official definition of biweekly mortgage payments versus semimonthly and monthly?

We just refinanced our home with our credit union and specifically asked for biweekly payments to pay off faster. They said it would be just a slighty higher interest rate. Biweekly is on our closing papers.

I had a similar problem with my re fi also .... You really need to go to a real estate attorney as these things are very compliocated and can get very "Iffy" depending on the language of the contracts signed ...

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