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Real Estate Marketing - Foreclosures, Loan Modifications and Government Bailout Plans - Part 3 m - Real Estate Marketing - Foreclosure rates on Forbearance Agreements done with banks reaches 58% - With Michael J ...

The state of California is planning to take on Navient

  Alleging that the student-loan servicer threw roadblocks in the way of borrowers successfully repaying their loans in violation of California law.

“Navient’s loan servicing abuses have compounded the misery of parents and students who sacrificed to pay for college,” Becerra said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “Our students can’t afford to be cheated out of any more money than they legally owe simply because Navient knew how to game the system.”

Jack Remondi, Navient’s chief executive, criticized the forthcoming suit in a statement, calling the allegations “unfounded,” adding that the company plans to “vigorously defend itself.”

“The lawsuit is another attempt to blame a single servicer for the failures of the higher education system and the federal student loan program to deliver desired outcomes,” he said. Remondi urged officials suing the company to instead focus on improving financial literacy, increasing graduation rates and simplifying the loan repayment process as a way to address the nation’s student loan problem.

The Ninth Circuit Vacates Bankruptcy Court's Designation Order, Holding That Purchasing a Subset of Available ...

, 2018 WL 2472874 (9th Cir. June 4, 2018). The Ninth Circuit stressed that, at a minimum, a finding of bad faith requires evidence of an ulterior motive beyond a creditor seeking to protect its claim to the fullest extent. Although the decision is largely consistent with the approach taken by other circuits, it is significant for its resistance to a broad interpretation of bad faith and its support of strategic claim purchases that bolster the position of lenders with respect to blocking plan confirmation.


Fagerdala USA-Lompoc, Inc. (“Fagerdala”) is a California corporation that formerly owned a plastic manufacturing business. In 2003, Fagerdala purchased certain real property to assist with its operations. Fagerdala financed the purchase and Pacific Western Bank subsequently acquired the loan, along with a senior lien on the property.

In June 2012, Fagerdala defaulted on its obligations under the loan. Fagerdala and Pacific Western Bank executed a forbearance agreement, pursuant to which Fagerdala agreed to pay the amounts due on the loan by the original maturity date. When Fagerdala failed to meet this deadline, Pacific Western Bank commenced nonjudicial foreclosure proceedings, which led, in part, to Fagerdala’s chapter 11 filing on August 14, 2014.

Loan Modifications vs. Forbearance Agreement?

Regarding Loan Modification and Michael G's answer. His answer was not a Permanent Loan Modification, he was describing a Forbearance Agreement.

Lender's will negotiation permanent loan modification, but you need to be careful.

Lender's will seldom if ever will negotiate a true loan modification. But they will offer a forbearance and new payment schedule, in a hardship for example. The caveat...all interest will be due at some later date or upon payoff.

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