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Why Would a Lender Modify My Mortgage Why would a lender modify my mortgage is a frequently asked question I wanted to answer via video. Lenders have too many home ...

Pensions are promises California must keep

As the state Supreme Court considers two cases that raise important retirement issues, there is much legal wrangling over the narrow issues being litigated. Unfortunately, it is being accompanied by political rhetoric challenging the wisdom of the legal principle that underlies these cases — a principle known as the California Rule .

The principle embedded in that rule is simply this: A promise made is a promise kept.

This principle has been in place for decades and has been affirmed by courts on numerous occasions. There is no legitimate reason to overturn it — and every moral and logical reason to keep it in place.

Don’t let the name fool you, for there is nothing specific to California that makes the principle unique. A majority of states use a contract-rights approach to pension benefits.

The California Rule simply establishes that a labor contract is exactly what the name implies — and, by definition, failure to fulfill a promise in a contract is a breach of contract.

Paying off student loan? Repayment options you should consider

"Some borrowers who are confident that they can consistently make their monthly payments may want to steer clear of income-driven repayment and instead remain in a standard 10-year plan," said Will Sealy, co-founder and CEO of Summer, a New York-based startup that offers software to help borrowers keep track of their student loans. 

Know what you owe 

Before you can pick a payment plan, experts say, you do need to track down all your federal student loans. Create an account on the Federal Student Aid website at . 

You'd want to create an account with each loan company listed on the FSA site. Doing so will allow you to find your monthly payment for each loan servicing company and track your payments over time, Sealy said.

High monthly payments kill some budgets

Yet making a $500 or $600 student loan payment each month simply isn't an option for many who find themselves in low-paying jobs.

$8,000 Tax Credit Repayment if you move but aren't renting your home.?

I bought a home in November of 2009 in VA and got the $8k credit. After recently losing my job I am planning to move to California and find a job there.

Yes you'd have to pay it back. Must live in it as your main home for 3 years means just that, unless you move because of military orders.

And your case isn't unique - people move from state to state frequently.

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