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Why Would a Lender Modify My Mortgage Why would a lender modify my mortgage is a frequently asked question I wanted to answer via video. Lenders have too many home ...

Tracker mortgages exposed to ECB rate rises - ESRI

Holders of tracker mortgages and younger, lower income households are the most exposed to the risk of going into mortgage arrears when interest rates rise. 

New research by the Economic and Social Research Institute says interest rate normalisation poses a risk to many Irish households because of high levels of debt and low levels of fixed rate mortgages.

Although the ECB has now effectively put off interest rate rises well into next year, sooner or later they will rise from their current level of zero, taking mortgage rates up with them.

A rise in rates, even as little as a quarter of one percent, could lead to an increase in the number of people missing their mortgage payments and falling into arrears, as rates may rise faster than incomes.

The ESRI says tracker mortgage holders face the biggest rises from a change in ECB rates, but says there is nothing to be gained from fixing rates until tracker rates are closer to fixed rates.

Prepaying your mortgage: How reducing your loan principal can lead to big savings

Bankrate’s mortgage amortization schedule calculator can help you determine the impact of extra payments on your mortgage. Click “Show amortization schedule” to reveal the section that lets you calculate the effect of additional payments.

What are the drawbacks of prepaying my mortgage?

There are potential downsides to prepaying. For starters, tying up your cash in your home means you have less liquidity and wiggle room in your budget. In other words, you’ll have less readily available cash to put toward increasing your 401(k) contributions or paying down high-interest debt, for example. These financial goals could offer a higher return on your investment.

Another consideration is the opportunity cost of not having that extra money invested elsewhere. Over the past four decades the stock market has returned an average of 10 percent a year. For the broad bond markets, the average annual gain has been close to 8 percent.

When asking yourself, “Can I prepay my mortgage?” look at your entire financial picture. Here are some important questions to consider:

$8,000 Tax Credit Repayment if you move but aren't renting your home.?

I bought a home in November of 2009 in VA and got the $8k credit. After recently losing my job I am planning to move to California and find a job there.

Yes you'd have to pay it back. Must live in it as your main home for 3 years means just that, unless you move because of military orders.

And your case isn't unique - people move from state to state frequently.

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