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Why did American Home Mortgage (Subsidiary of Wells Fargo) harass this NC Homeowner - Maggie Reaves?

Meet Maggie Walker Reaves, who has fought for years against harassment from American Home Mortgage. She speaks out against Wells Fargo and it&#39 ...

Taking The Training Wheels Off For Doctors In Training

Medical training involves both the learning of information and skills and because the practice of medicine can unintentionally harm individuals, supervision, and oversight. But as with riding a bike, to be truly autonomous, at some point, one has the remove the training wheels and act on their own. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine looks at the effect of closer supervision on medical error and autonomy. When residents care for hospitalized patients they participate in two team meetings, the first with supervising “attending” physicians who discuss patients and treatment plans; the second, without those supervisors, where the work of patient care is allocated, discussed and advanced – work rounds.

The study carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital internal medicine program over the course of 9 months. Attending physicians alternated between their regular supervision, formulating initial care plans and overseeing care versus "closer supervision," where they participated in work rounds. The outcomes were medical errors [1] and feelings of autonomy by the resident trainees. The attending physicians had a range of experience and were evidently primarily hospitalists, physicians who specialize in providing care for hospitalized patients. Patients were similar in both the normally and closely supervised groups.

Bog puts kibosh on summer camp: Legionville cancels over safety concerns

"'I wonder what the bog is, let me see if we can walk on it, what if I walk next to it?' If they slip underneath it or they slip through, they're gone so fast, we don't even know. And we've got to take the barrier down to work on it."

Bogged down

Volunteers with the North Long Lake Association, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota American Legion—the owner of the camp—hoped to move more of the 200-by-800-foot bog last month, but were stymied by inclement weather and the sheer size of the bog.

"Late last week, the North Long Lake Association and people from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spent time working on the bog and breaking it up into smaller sections and tying them together with straps ... until we could get boats lined up to tow them," Tesdahl said.

"The plan was to come back on Saturday, but as everybody knows, it rained all day Saturday, so that didn't work out. It was moved to Sunday, but the winds were so high that the three of us—the Legion, the DNR and the lake association—all agreed it wasn't safe to try and do Sunday."

Mr.Obama: Eco. EASY FIX: deposit $1 million in each 40 million jobless/family's acct. instead of bankers.?

Mr.President Obama: You have within your reach, the USA economy EASY FIX.

The only thing you're right about...$40 Trillion (40mil X 1 mil) would do more than $500 million about using a calculator (and some common sense) before coming up with such hare-brained ideas? Where do you think money comes from?