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Why did American Home Mortgage (Subsidiary of Wells Fargo) harass this NC Homeowner - Maggie Reaves?

Meet Maggie Walker Reaves, who has fought for years against harassment from American Home Mortgage. She speaks out against Wells Fargo and it&#39 ...

Chris Epps sentenced to almost 20 years - The Clarion-Ledger

His fall from grace began in November 2014 when a 49-count federal indictment accused Epps of taking at least $1.4 million in bribes and kickbacks to steer more than $800 million worth of state prison contracts.

Epps pleaded guilty in February 2015 to bribery and filing a false income tax return. He faced a maximum 23 years in prison.

"This is not a simple crime,"  Wingate said in sentencing Epps. "This is the largest graft operation in the state of Mississippi, definitely the largest I have seen. Mr. Epps betrayed the state of Mississippi."

When given an opportunity to make a statement to Wingate prior to the judge announcing what his sentence would be, Epps said he has had plenty of time to reflect on why he was where he was today.

His answer: "It comes back to greed. I made some stupid mistakes I will regret for the rest of my life,"

Epps said he asks the state and others to forgive him.

"I hope this won't overshadow the 27 years of good things I have done," Epps said. "I can't say enough how sorry I am. I have tried to make it right by working tirelessly with the government.

Supply Squeeze Sends Real House Prices Higher, According to First American Real House Price Index

March 2017 Real House Price Index

Real house prices increased 0.7 percent between February and March. Real house prices increased by 11.5 percent year-over-year. Consumer house-buying power, how much one can buy based on changes in income and the interest rate, decreased 0.4 percent between February and March, and fell 5.2 percent year-over-year. Real house prices are 32.5 percent below their housing-boom peak in July 2006 and 9.3 percent below the level of prices in January 2000. Unadjusted house prices increased by 5.8 percent in March on a year-over-year basis and are 2.4 percent above the housing boom peak in 2007.

Chief Economist Analysis: “Prisoner’s Dilemma” Squeezes Supply, Fueling Continued Surge in Real House Prices

“Real, purchasing-power adjusted house prices are rising even faster than unadjusted home prices alone, primarily due to declining consumer purchasing power,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American. “Strong Millennial demand, a limited supply of homes for sale, and higher mortgage rates have all combined to impact the affordability of homes compared to a year ago.”

Mr.Obama: Eco. EASY FIX: deposit $1 million in each 40 million jobless/family's acct. instead of bankers.?

Mr.President Obama: You have within your reach, the USA economy EASY FIX.

The only thing you're right about...$40 Trillion (40mil X 1 mil) would do more than $500 million about using a calculator (and some common sense) before coming up with such hare-brained ideas? Where do you think money comes from?