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Why did American Home Mortgage (Subsidiary of Wells Fargo) harass this NC Homeowner - Maggie Reaves?

Meet Maggie Walker Reaves, who has fought for years against harassment from American Home Mortgage. She speaks out against Wells Fargo and it&#39 ...

First American Mortgage Solutions Named Approved Vendor for Fannie Mae's Day 1 Certainty™ Program

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First American Mortgage Solutions , a part of the First American family of companies, provides comprehensive solutions for residential lenders and servicers covering the entire loan spectrum. First American Mortgage Solutions, together with First American’s broader capabilities, serves as a single source for title and settlement, data and analytics, fraud and verification, regulatory compliance, valuation and collateral risk, quality control, fulfillment services, and default services. More information about First American Mortgage Solutions can be found at .

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First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF) is a leading provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate transactions that traces its heritage back to 1889.

Don't let student loans keep you from buying a home

A new study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and American Student Assistance had some interesting results. After polling millennials, they found that:

Typically, they carry a student debt load ($41,200) that exceeds their annual income ($38,800) Only 20 percent currently own a home Among the eight in 10 who do not own a home, 83 percent feel their student loan debt has impacted their ability to purchase Eighty-four percent expect they will have to postpone purchasing for at least three years seven years is the median amount of time they expect have to wait before buying Nearly 80 percent borrowed funds their education at a four-year college Thirty-two percent had previously either been in default or forbearance on their loans Student debt hits new highs

Jessica Lautz , NAR’s managing director of survey research and communications, says the report found that millennials actually have worse problems with student debt than earlier generations.

Mr.Obama: Eco. EASY FIX: deposit $1 million in each 40 million jobless/family's acct. instead of bankers.?

Mr.President Obama: You have within your reach, the USA economy EASY FIX.

The only thing you're right about...$40 Trillion (40mil X 1 mil) would do more than $500 million about using a calculator (and some common sense) before coming up with such hare-brained ideas? Where do you think money comes from?